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Secret Identities – franky4fingers

I ask Fwooshmembers questions.


They answer them.


Franky4fingers " …that’s why I love it so much."

Where do you live?

I live in a small town called Mason in the state of Ohio.

What’s it like living in Ohio

Living in Ohio is ok. A bit boring, but that’s ok. I doubt I’d survive in the big city. I live in small suburb in the city of mason. My family has history in this town. Even have a street bearing the family last name.

Where do you work?

I’m a homemaker so I work out of the house. You’d think a man of my height and girth would be on the football field instead of playing homemaker.

What is a typical day like for you?

I wake up, brush my teeth and look for some breakfast. From there I start planning out what all needs to be cleaned. Then I clean it. Then with my free time I exorcise some and then use the net or play some video games.

Who is in you family?

The people close to me in my family would be my grandmother, mom and brother.

Any pets?

I got a fat cross-eyed extra toes having cat.

What are your future plans?

I’m always looking to the future but rarely planning. Keeps life surprising

Do you customize?

I’ve tried a few times but have not had much success beyond head swapping.

Do you cook?

My lord I’m a bad cook. I set 4 fires cooking! Twice on the stovetop. Once while baking and once while grilling. My cooking is limited these days.

What is in your collection?

Marvel legends and DC universe at this time and place. Although I got a shelf just for the cool ones from series I don’t collect or have a continuing series.

Who is your favorite character?

Hard to answer, as there is alot that I like. I’ll say genis-vell

Why so much love for the movie "Princess Bride"?

I’ve seen it a million times and it’s yet to lose its charm to me, that’s why I love it so much. I love Andre the giant in that so much.

You are so polite, are you ever rude out of laziness or emotions?

I try not to be. I may slip up when I’m angry and say something stupid, but I’m pretty good about it.

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?

Haven’t had one of those since…. ever. I’d love to take some time off and go to the San Diego comic con. Only way I’ll be getting that lobo I want.

What other sites do you visit?

I’m a staff member at the comic crypt so I kinda have to go there. I also visit places like fark and something awful alot.

You ever meet any Fwooshers in real life?

I have not.

What is up with the wallpaper?

I got into wallpaper making by sitting down and forcing myself to learn Photoshop. Took some time but I think I do ok these days.

How many have you done?

I have lost count on how many I’ve made. Too many for any sane person.

What is the process for doing the wallpaper?

Process is along the lines of me finding a picture I like and then working with it until I made a background I like.

What do you do with the wallpapers once finished? They are
pretty cool.

I post them up on fwoosh, toy soup and the comic crypt.

What do you spend your money on?

Toys toys toys! Also pills.

What is wrong with you?

Now that’s a list a mile long. From bipolar disorder to liver diseases. I could go on for days but I’ll spare you the big and gruesome details

The stuff that is wrong with you physically is it chronic and permanent?

Some is chronic and some is acute. A better diet and working out helps with the liver issues. I got high hopes that I can beat the liver issues in the long run.

What would normal mean to you

That’s a harder question than you can imagine, as I’ve never fit into a normal mold. Normal for me I guess is a day when my issues aren’t hassling me. My pills help with this.

Do you only have four fingers on one hand?

I had the finger reattached. I have decreased movement in my hand, but it doesn’t slow me down.

There is no feeling as the nerves are detached in your finger

Actually, my fingers share tendons and such. so I lose a slight amount of movement and have fingers that bend together. but I feel just fine.

When was the last time you got your haircut?

I had a slight trim about  9 months ago.

Thanks Franky!

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