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Diddy310   " Nope, not mine."

Is there a story behind the name "Diddy310"?

Eh, not really, big Donkey Kong fan when I was a youngin’ so I kept using it

Where do you live?

Central, NJ by the ocean ("the shore" for those people who like to glorify it) aka The Irish Riviera. Renowned for its number of bars which attract the hair gelling fist pumping dumbasses of the greater New York area.

Where do you work?

At a restaurant/private club, trust me, you don’t want to work there.

What is your shift at work? How long is it, like 10 hours?

Depends on what’s going on that day, I can work anything from 3-4 days in the winter to all 7 during the summer, anything from 5 hours to 12 (and one where I spent about 36 hours in a row at the place because we had a wedding at 6 in the morning)


What are your future plans?

Hopefully going back to the poo-ah community college then off to art school, either UArts in Philadelphia or SVA in NYC *crosses fingers* either for sequential art or illustration.

Did you study calligraphy?

Nope, I studied typography, but sucked at it, I do have unusually straight cursive writing.

Do you customize?

Yes, unfortunately its an expensive and room consuming hobby (as seen in the bed-consuming pic of WIPS).

Do you sleep on that bed in the photo?

Nope, not mine.

If you had someone come over and you end up in your
bedroom and all those customs of action figures
are on your bed… what happens then?

I expect giggling, or running and screaming….until they see Juggernaut..ladies love the Juggernaut!

When did you start customizing?

Hrm…a few years ago, starting with the Bone Crunching Action style of WWE figures, through the TTL and R3, and then getting fed up with so many style changes and quitting when they went to the Ruthless Aggression Style that, and the incredible growing number of asshats at the site where I would post.

What was your favorite custom?

Of mine? Hrm…well I think my Madame Hydra was up there with my favorites. Otherwise I’d say Son of Satan or my Annihilation Drax. Don’t really count it as a full custom, but paint wise, I still love my House of M Psylocke, painting that dragon was fun.

How often do you sell them?

Pretty much as soon as I finish them, don’t have room to display them, just enjoy working on them and sending them off to their new homes

How do you choose who to do?

Its generally a combination of what fodder I have on hand, what I’m reading at the time, and having the attention span of a goldfish

What is the process of customizing?

Well, when two people fall in love (me, and the character I’m making) I hack up pieces of tiny people and put them together. Then using that red apoxie that creeps Chibi out, I sculpt. The only tools I tend to use are fingers, a stylus, and an x-acto knife for that. Then a day later, or a week, or a year in some cases, I go back and sand and start painting. I’ve developed a love for Games Workshop inks to keep paint rub down (think it was Rambado who first posted the inking tutorial, if I’m right, thanks for that) Paints wise I use everything from Folkart to Games Workshop, still swear by Folkart’s Cappuccino as my default skin color, hasn’t failed me yet.

You seem to be first hand knowledgeable of all the different fodder
that can be used for customizing…

Yeah, since the first thing I seem to do when getting a new figure is think about what I can hack it up and use it for, I’ve developed quite a knowledge for it, sad; yes, useful; yes, application outside of customizing; none.

What is your favorite color?

Black, but if were talking paint colors then Shadow Grey…my go to color for nearly all things drybrushy

What is your favorite second color?


Does your favorite color and your favorite second color match?
They’ve been known to; although a teacher told me it is the worst combination for text and background.


Do you cook?
I try, and fail; I can do the person-who-can’t-really-cook staple, the stir-fry fairly well though.

I’m the straight, chubby, non good cooking version of this guy ——————————————————->

What is the best Wrestling stuff?

Well it has its high and low points of course, but i’ve been a WWF/E fan since I was a little me.
Everyone who watches it knows it’s scripted, so that argument against it has been done to death. It’s a form of entertainment like any other. Sure the storylines are cheesy 99 percent of the time, but you have to appreciate the skill involved in putting together an entertaining match that looks believable.

Why so much love for female gladiators?

Just Crush, the others…not so much.

What is in your collection?

ML’s mostly, a couple hundred WWF/E figures in storage. A few DCD’s, DCSH/UC , a few of the Final Fantasy Play Arts figures, which I hope to expand on eventually, and large piles of fodder. Oh, and 25th GI Joe’s are the newest plastic crack addiction i’ve acquired.

Non-figures wise, I have a tiny collection of con sketches going, 50 or so David Mack prints, various Metal band things (mostly Lacuna Coil).

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?

Been to Disney World a few times, would like to go to various places in Japan eventually, however my list grows weekly…damn you Anthony Bourdain!

What other sites do you visit? for some of the best art you’ll ever see , for all scandalous wrestling happenings,, purveyors of all things Lacuna Coil, and the relatively new, but still great community over at Kyle Robinson’s Toy Soup forum.

What do you spend your money on?

Too many figures,  too many visits to the comic store, too much on gasoline, and not nearly enough on bills.

Thanks Diddy!


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