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February Custom Contest

It is time once again for you to win a chance at getting your grubby mits on a one of a kind custom. It’s the February Custom Contest- jump on in!

Face Front, True Believers…We’re back!

The Fwoosh Bullpen brings you The Son of the Great Fwoosh Custom Giveaway!

What is it? A contest, Fellow Fwoosher…a game of chance unlike any the world of Fwooshdom has ever seen, giving you the chance to own a one-of-a-kind custom Marvel Legends action figure, hand-crafted and generously donated by one of the Fwoosh’s Finest!

What’s the prize? The booty for February’s contest is ripped from the pages of Neil Gaiman’s smash hit series, 1602…Thor! 
A massively muscled, ragingly-ripped, super-poseable version of the Odinson himself, as re-imagined by Gaiman and Andy Kubert, painstakingly crafted by the Fwoosh’s own Prognosticator of Pugilistic Punctuation, Levit05

Yep, Levit05…the same hard-nosed, hard-@$$ed, gamma-irradiated customizer we’ve all come to know and love, smashing puny commas and weakling periods wherever he goes, has granted us another masterpiece: 1602 Thor is in the classic Levit style, ripped and mean, with a “Thou-art-dead-meat” battle cry etched on his face. I’m holding the custom in my hands right now, and it is humbling…I tried putting it on my shelf to see how he’d fit in, but he’s talking to all of my customs and making them feel bad about themselves…

Who can enter? Sorry, guests…Only registered Fwooshers can enter this contest! If the thought of owning free customs makes you drool, register now!
Mods and Admin are also ineligible…rank-n-file FOOF* only!

How do I enter? Simply send an email to [email protected] with the words SIXTEEN-OH-FWOOSH in the subject header. Be sure to include your Fwoosh name in the email! All entries must be recieved no later than 12 Midnight EST, March 3, 2008. No purchase necessary, your email addys will be kept private. One winner will be chosen at random on March 5, and announced here in the Fwoosh e-zine. Only one entry per Fwoosher…multiple emails will be deleted, and the sender will be disqualified. Contest is open to non-US Fwooshers, although we will be unable to ship to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The Fwoosh will cover international shipping up to $10 USD, anything over $10 USD must be paid by the winner.

IMPORTANT: Your email MUST include both your Fwoosh Name and the words SIXTEEN-OH-FWOOSH in the title! If these aren’t included, the entry will be invalid!

Special Thanks and an Official Fwoosh No-Prize go out to Levit05, for generously contributing this month’s prize. And If you’re interested in having a custom of yours given away in a future Fwoosh Custom Giveaway, PM me!


* FOOF: Friends of Ol’ Fwoosh!

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