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Secret Identities – Industrial

I ask fwooshmembers questions.


They answer them.


Industrial  "Yeah it kinda does doesn’t it

Your username “Industrial” I used to think it was because you
made so many customs you were like a factory.

Ha! That’d be the slowest factory ever!

How many customs do you make per year?

Ugh, at least one. I do a lot of modifications these days, and I’ve been copying other people’s customs, like craarl’s Leonidas, we had them next to each other at the SDCC Customizing panel, mine has better ankle articulation but his has a nifty removable helmet that reveals Leonidas as a cone head.

What was the first toy you remember owning/playing with?

Well my mom likes to tell everyone I was potty trained with the promise of new Star Wars figures (the OG 1978 ones), but the first figure I really remember cherishing was the 2nd version of the GI Joe Snake Eyes (the visor one that came with Timber). And I still remember walking into a Kay Bee and seeing a ToyBiz Colossus action figure (5" with the barbell lifting action) and freaking out because I had no idea that these were in the works (pre-internet days), I drove my mom nuts making her drive around to every toy store while I hunted down Wolverine…

Click to enlargeWhat is in your collections?

hmmm, I’m pretty eclectic, I will buy just about anything that is well articulated but I only keep my customs on display, everything else is in big bins separated by toyline in either my closet or my public storage unit.

How did the fwoosh happen for you?

I was on RTM a ways back, Pabs used to post there always linking this place called fwoosh, back then fwoosh was set up more like RTM, but on a black background if I can recall correctly, and the fwoosh logo was an awesomely terrible MS Paint thing, so I started posting there, I think it was basically just me, Pabs, Robokillah, and Ray. Then when Pabs changed to the current forum format back in ’02 I refused to register at first, but then broke down and did cuz I decided I liked it here.  

Were you in on the ground floor of fwoosh?

Well it was Pabs and Robo at first if you are talking staff, I think it was Robo that asked me to be a mod shortly afterwards along with USAgent and HakatoX. Robo used to host my crappy customs on his website back then ( and I think the pictures that I sent him of me in a 2 piece bathing suit are what made him bring me on…

Have you met a lot of fwooshers in real life?

Probably too many to name cuz I’ll leave someone out and they will cry, but yeah, a ton, I’ve been back and forth between NY and CA so I’ve had a lot of opportunities to hook up with different fwooshers.

What are your responsibilities as an administrator?

I’m the pretty face.

How was SDCC for you?

It was good fun, it’s starting to get way too crowded, Friday and Saturday were both sold out and it was def more difficult walking around this year than last, seems to get progressively worse each year.


The custom panel was a lot of fun, I came in a 1/2 hour late because I was at the AFI panel, but I showed off a few customs there again this year, but really the best part of SDCC is the nights, going out drinking with fellow collectors and the guys in the industry is a blast.

Do you get in free at SDCC?

Yes, but not through fwoosh.

What’s your favorite part of the fwoosh?

These days the House that Legends Built and the General Toy Board are my 2 faves.

What is your least favorite part about the fwoosh?


Now that the ezine is starting to grow a little bit, what would you like to see happen there?

I’m really happy with how its going right now actually, we seem to have just about daily content so that’s cool, I’d really like to see some more toy reviews, I really liked the idea of our 3 dif perspectives on the same figure reviews we did a ways back, that was cool.

Got an opinion on Hasbro?

I’m hoping that Legendary Comic Book Heroes does well and pushes them to go back to better articulation and more paint apps.

If Hasbro kills ML will fwoosh die soon after?

Doubtful, Fwoosh has grown beyond the Unofficial Marvel Toy board roots,
so I think it’ll be around as long as toys are.

Did you get my requisitions for incidental costs and reimbursements?

Fwoosh staff is on a volunteer basis, no one gets paid, unless you count Pabs giving succulent rubdowns as payment, I do.

You seem awfully busy but at the same time very efficient. Is this correct?

I try?

Do you live in Hollywood? Where did you live before then?

Yes, moved here from Manhattan.

When you moved to LA were you like "Where are the trains?"

Nah, I was actually really happy to have a car again, I dunno it just seems like a lot more freedom to me, after taking subways for the better chunk of my life I find that I don’t really miss them much…. at all.

Do you drive a motorcycle?

I totally should, that’d be badass.

What is the catchphrase of the month in California?

I’m trying to get "3. I’M HAVE BIRD!" to catch on.

What do your family and friends think of Fwoosh?

I used to drive my girlfriend crazy going on when I got home from work all the time, my parents don’t even know what the internet is and my younger brother could care less about it.

What do you do for a living?

Coordinate things.

California is the world’s 5th largest economy, more specifically Los Angeles’ movie industry contributes largely to this position. You ever get in on any of that action?

Kinda <- not a cryptic secretive answer at all is it?

It sounds like you are in the adult entertainment industry.

Yeah it kinda does doesn’t it.

What do you do in real life?

Read comics, play with toys, spend too much time online, make out with my dog, and I go out drinking a lot…

What do you drink at the bar?

Rum & Coke or a Corona is my usual.

Can you cook?

If by cook you mean heat things up then: yes.

Do you sing along with the songs on the radio? And if so are you in tune?

Yes and absolutely not.

Describe your dog please.

My girlfriend got the dog against my protests that she wouldn’t be able to take care of it, we lived together at the time, its supposed to be a Yorkshire terrier but its all white, weighs 10 lbs, and we keep the hair short so she looks nothing at all like a yorkie, more like a mutant terrier, I now love that dog more than anything else in the world.

Does your dog sleep with you?

With her head on the pillow right in between the woman and me. Is that weird?

What are your future plans? 

I dont think that far ahead. 


Thanks Indy.

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