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Make My Marvel! – Drax the Destroyer

The strike is over and Make My Marvel! is back!  I can now tell you that Pabs has given in to my demands of no time off and less pay.  Victory is mine!  Anyways, Hero, villain, buffoon, cosmic heavyweight… all of these describe this week’s character for Marvel Legends consideration.  Let’s lay waste to some bandwidth with Drax the Destroyer.

I, like a lot of others, have my problems with Marvel these days.  And, I’m not even one of those hippie classic, "Nu-Marvel" haters.  Most of Marvel’s problems can be traced back to editorial half-assery: great ideas with unbelievably poor execution and no follow-through.  House of M, Civil War, New New New Avengers, and the x-office is it’s own clusterf$%k these days since Grant Morrison left.  Even the Morrison haters can admit one thing: at least when he was there, all the x-books had direction and coherence.  That being said, one thing that Marvel has been doing a great job of lately is revamping characters.  The last few years have seen some amazing reinvigoration of some stagnant heroes & villains: Multiple Man, Nitro, Cable, Warpath, as well as the entire cast of last year’s Annihilation, including Drax the Destroyer.

Make My Marvel! – Drax the Destroyer

Thanos, on a covert mission to Earth, destroyed a car containing Arthur Douglas and his family.  Thanos’ father & grandfather, Mentor and Kronos respectively, captured Arthur’s disembodied soul and placed it the shell of a body created from the Earth itself.  Arthur’s memories were suppressed and he was programmed with a singular and unrelenting hate of Thanos.  Dubbed "Drax the Destroyer," he set out to (duh) destroy Thanos.

Over the years the two had many battles, though none resulted in the permanent death of Thanos.  Following a confrontation with Arthur’s daughter Moondragon, who’d also survived Thanos’ original attack, Drax’s soul was forced from him and his body was destroyed.  Some time later following Thanos’ return, Kronos resurrected Drax to again combat the mad titan.  Unfortunately, Drax’s soul and mind had been damaged from the circumstances surrounding his last death, making him lovably retarded.  Not making a joke here: that’s literally what he was.  Drax became a member of Adam Warlock’s Infinity Watch, as well as possesor of the power gem of the Infinity Gauntlet.  Drax eventually was transported to the microverse, where he found peace and acceptance and everyone lived happily ever after.

Until Drax found himself on a prison ship for the alleged murder of 200,000 skrulls.  Since Copernicus was wrong and Earth is obviously the center of the solar system, nay, the universe, Drax’s ship of course crashed there.  There Drax confused a girl named Cammi for his daughter before he was murdered by Paibok the Power Skrull.  He was again resurrected, this time with higher intelligence and a new body.  Escaping the immediate threat to their lives, Drax and Cammi ended up on yet another prison ship.  Since the interstellar penal system is so incompetently run, Drax and Cammi managed to escape and winded up hanging with Nova during the majority of Annihilation.  Drax helped mentor the now-uberpowerful Nova, before ditching both he and Cammi to go after Thanos.  Drax finally fulfilled his purpose when he tore Thanos’ heart out of his chest.  Following the melee, Drax was transported away and then disappeared.

Drax stands roughly 7’4", depending on which version of the character was to be made.  He’d likely be an all new sculpt, though I suppose the upper arms on Lord Thor could be re-used.  Other than that, there aren’t any appropriate larger figures to draw from. He’s big but not enough for a modern BAF, so he would work as a single-carded release.  If Hasbro were to make the modern version, Drax would have to have his dual knives as accessories. 

Which version of Drax would you most want for Marvel Legends?

A. Classic



B. 90’s/Infinity



C. Modern/Annihilation



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