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Make My Marvel! – Constrictor

There’s not much you can say about a guy whose main claim to modern fame is that he was Deadpool’s roommate and thought Titannia was really a dude.  Come on in and let’s bunk with Constrictor.


Last week’s poll recap:  While 60% of those voting wanted Belasco in some form of figure, a whopping 40% of those voting didn’t want a Belasco at all.  Of those with actual taste, 29% preferred to get Belly from Marvel Select with the likelihood of more accessories and/or a demonic throne/base.  10% wanted Belly as a standard release under the Marvel Legends banner despite whether any changes might be necessary to make the character more mass-market friendly.  5% preferred an internet store exclusive while 16% didn’t care how they got a Belasco figure, just so long as they did get one.

Last week’s poll:

Last week’s article:

Make My Marvel! – Constrictor

SHIELD agent Frank Payne went undercover as Frank Schlicting to infiltrate "the Organization."  Not just any organization- THE Organization.  Yeah.  Now I think you comprehend the magnitude here.


During Frank’s undercover op, he was forced to kill several youths, causing him to have a mental breakdown.  In an effort to hold on to some portion of his sanity, he completely bought into his undercover role as a ruthless criminal.  Donning a purple and yellow battlesuit with twin, wrist-mounted adamantium coils, Frank took the codename "Constrictor" and began his life of crime as a freelance mercenary.

After years of getting wailed on by the likes of NFL SuperPro, Constrictor eventually regained his identity.  He kept to his merc ways until a rather brutal beating from Hercules.  I think it was due to a comment about Herc’s manskirt and what may or may not be underneath it.  The guy’s got kind of an obsession with superhero gender confusion going on.


Anyways, Conny came back at Herc with a brutal weapon of his own: a lawyer.  Yes, Constrictor sued Hercules for damages and won.  Now stinking rich, Frank has completely given up crime and gone back to SHIELD.  Conny is currently part of the Initiative’s black ops unit, where it seems he’s just about to mix it up with his old sparring partner, the Hulk.

Toy time!  The padded section design of Constrictor’s costume would seem to necessitate an entirely new sculpt.  Little bits like the upper arms and upper legs could be re-uses, though.  Of course, he’ll have to have bendy tentacles as accessories.

Since it’s obvious that this week’s character isn’t much of a clothes horse, this week’s poll question will be completely unrelated.

Which accessories would you prefer in ML?
A. Extra heads (masked/unmasked/etc)
B. Extra hands (fists, open, for holding weapons)
C. BAF parts
D. Bases
E. Flight/action stands
F. Weapons
G. Alternate between waves
H. No accessories (cut down on cost)

Check out the MMM! thread/poll over in the Negative Zone.  There you can cast your vote response to this week’s question and post comments about this week’s article.  On a side note, I’ll be taking next week off.  Filling in will be Kastor417 with his own, DC-themed character spotlight column.  You folks make him feel welcome!

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