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 Elseworlds Series 4, Luke vs. Darth, Kirk and Kahn!  We got a lot of GREAT new stuff in this week and have been as busy as ever with adding new product for pre-order to the site.  Check out the complete update below for more information.

New Arrivals

Ralph McQuarrie Luke vs. Vader Statue

From Kotobukiya we have this fantastic, soft vinyl statue of Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader.  It’s based on the original art work by Ralph McQuarrie.  Limited to a one-time production run, this 2 statue set isn’t going to be around for long.  You can check it out at

DC Direct Elseworlds Series 4

From DC Direct, we have the 4th series of the Elseworlds line of figures in-stock and ready to ship.  This series includes Amazonia Wonder Woman, JSA Liberty Files Batman, JSA Libery Files Flash, The Dark Side Superman (Good), and The Dark Side Superman (Evil).  You can check them out at

Star Trek TOS Kirk and Kahn Figures

A Diamond Select Release and an Art Asylum Sculpt. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Trek, this special 2-pack features action figures of Captain James T. Kirk along with his ultimate rival, Khan Noonien Singh.  These are based on the original series "Seed Spawn" episode, not the movie.  You can check it out at

Final Fantasy Master Creatures Series 2

From Square Enix and Kotobukiya, we have the second series of Final Fantasy Master Creatures assortment.  This series includes Odin, Diabolos, Mateus the Corrupt, Yojimbo and Knights of the Round.  You can check them out at our Final Fantasy page at

Godzilla Remastered DVD’s

Fan of Giant Monsters fighting each other?  We have three newly released REMASTERED Godzilla DVD’s and each DVD includes the original Japanese version and the US Version.  We have Mothra vs Godzilla, Invasion of Astro Monster and Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster.  You can check them out at

Deluxe Vinyl Joker Statue

This was the week for Kotobukiya products!  In addition to the Star Wars statue mentioned above and the Final Fantasy Master Creatures, we have one of the most amazing Joker statues I have ever seen.  You can check it out at

You can always check the New Items page out at

Now Available for Pre-Order

Justice League of America Series 2

We have the second series of the Justice League of America figures up for pre-order.  Check them out along with the soon to be released Series 1 figures at

DC Minimates Series 7

We have the 7th series of DC Minimates up and available for pre-order.  You can check them out on our Minimates page at

Deluxe 13" Robin Figure

From DC Directs line of Deluxe 13" figures we have the Deluxe Robin figure.  Check it out at

Superman Batman Series 5

The 5th series of Superman Batman figures have been put up and are now available for pre-order.  Check them out at

JLA Trophy Room Multi Colored Kryptonite Replica

From DC Direct, we have one of the first items in their new JLA Trophy Room line of prop Replicas up and available for pre-order, the multi colored Kryptonite replica.  Check it out at

Hellboy 8" Qee’s

From Dark Horse, we have the regular and Tara McPherson variant of the 8" Hellboy Qee up and available for pre-order.  Check them out at

You can always check the Pre-Order page out at to see everything that is currently available for pre-order