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Hi – Here is a quick update from about a ton
of new preorders and more new arrivals:


STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT EXCLUSIVE SET:  This great set of figures features
two multipacks including 6 Clones and 7 Droids.  The set of 13 figures is
priced at only $59.99 and arrives this November – check them out here:

Beagle is releasing a variety of ultra limited Jewelry and accessory items
including:  Watches, Rings, Necklaces, Sunglasses, and Messenger Bags.
Most items are 50 to 100 pieces worldwide, a few are 1000

STAR WARS 30TH WAVE 8 & EXPANDED UNIVERSE 4:  Hasbro has not released any
images for these yet, but it looks like another nice round of new product.
Wave 8 sets, singles and cases are available – Red Clone Trooper, R2-B1,
Naboo Soldier, Pax Bonkik, Rebel Vanguard Trooper & More.  The new
Expanded Universe packs are available as a set of 3 2-packs for $39.99 –
view these and more Star Wars items here:

DC DIRECT –  A variety of new items:

–DC MINIMATES WAVE 7:  Eight more cool new minifigures for $29.99

–JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA 2:  Batman, Amazo, Mr. Impossible, and
Hawkgirl make up this set of 4 – priced at $49.99

–WOMEN OF DC – STARFIRE BUST:  Yet another great looking bust from this
very popular series, Starfire is priced at $42.99

GENTLE GIANT – HARRY POTTER ON THESTRAL:  A great looking new statue from
GG, we have this one listed $30 below MSRP at $144.99

Legolas, Eowyn, and Gimli are now listed at just $26.99

HALO 3 – MINI PROP REPLICAS:  Master Replicas releases the first items of
its new Halo license with miniature versions of the Covenant Carbine and
the Master Chief’s Battle Rifle – under $20 each!

TRANSFORMER MOVIE – BUMBLEBEE & ARCEE:  We just can’t get enough of these
from Hasbro, so we’ll be importing a small number of them from Japan.  The
imports are a bit more expensive at $24.99 each, but a great way to
reserve these hard to find figures.

MACROSS 1/60 VF-0S & GHOST BOOSTER:  Yamato brings us another iteration of
two popular molds.  The VF-0S with ghost booster is up for preorder at
$209.99 and arrives this September.

ANIME GIRLS:  Another crop of beautiful miniature ladies for you:

–BIBLE BLACK – SAEKI KAORI 1/6 Scale – Only $59.99

–CYBORG 009 – MYLENE HOFFMAN – A leggy new figure from Jun Planning

–SENGOKU ACE – Mizuka 1/6 figure – $72.99

–XENOSAGA – Kos-Mos Version 4 – great looking figure – $76.99

–SAMURAI SPIRITS – IROHA 1/6 in Ninja/Nurse/Nun style outfit

–DEAD OR ALIVE X2 – Ayane ArtFX Statue – only $49.99

–BOME VOLUME 26 – Yano Takumi’s Akira – $26.99

DOCTOR WHO:  A variety of new Doctor Who items including Flight Control
Tardis, Reaper Deluxe Figure, Season 3 – Wave 2 Sets of 5 & 7, and Judoon
Scanner.  Check out all the Doctor Who items here:

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS – MARVEL & MORE (improved images will be uploaded soon
on all these items)

–BATTLESTAR GALACTICA SERIES 2:  Four new figures available as a set for
$49.99 – Cylon Centurion, Louanne "Kat" Katraine, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace,
Karl "Helo" Agathon in dress blues – no images yet.

–TRANSFORMERS CLIFFJUMPER BUST:  Listed at only $39.99, this cool bust is
limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide.

–SERENITY – ZOE’S REVENGE STATUE:  Another new Serenity item, only $79.99

–HOWARD THE DUCK STATUE – Returning from the 70’s is the first Howard the
Duck collectible item we’ve ever carried – Sculpted by Gentle Giant and
listed at $35 under MSRP

–STAR TREK ICONS:  Captain Janeway Bust – $39.99 each

–MINIMATES:  Taskmaster & US Agent, and Zombie Black Panther & Iron Man
exclusive sets are up for preorder at just $6.49 per 2-pack

–24 – JACK BAUER:  DST releases their first 12" Jack figure with the 8:00
AM version at only $24.99 – His suit won’t stay pressed for long

–MARVEL BUSTS:  Three new items including Alex Ross Silver Surfer Head
Bust, Emma Frost Diamond Form Version, and Firestar bust are listed here:

ELFQUEST BUSTS & STATUES:  A batch of new items from Dark Horse, there are
all fairly limited editions and reasonably priced.  Leetah & Cutter each
have a bust, and Cutter also gets a small statue.

KINGDOM HEARS 2 – MASTER FORM SORA:  A yellow repaint of Sora is now up
for preorder at $21.99

MANY MORE PREORDERS:  There is just too much good stuff to fit it all, so
do a quick search on these new items as well:  Jack Sparrow ArtFX Statue,
Hellboy Qee, Armored Core Tellus, Alien Kubricks Power Loader & Series 1 &
2 Kubricks, Final Fantasy Aerith Statue, Pirates OTC Limited Vinyl
Figures, Nightmare before X-Mas Statues, Bleach Series 2 and more.


TRANSFORMERS MUSIC LABEL SOUNDWAVE:  Our shipments are on the way and our
suppliers can’t get us any further quantities, so be sure to get orders in
soon on the Soundwave MP3 players and Frenzy/Rumble headphone sets.


300 – KING LEONIDAS 12":  This version of Leonidas features movie phrase
sounds, an alternate head, and bloody battle damage.

LOST SERIES 2 – MCFARLANE:  This set features Sun, Sawyer, Jin, and Mr.
Eko for $59.99 – take a look at the new figures here:

MEZCO’S UNDERDOG FIGURES:  The new set of 4 figures is in stock for only
$44.99 and we have a variety of single figures at $10.99 as well.

CARS BODY SHOP SWAP MCQUEEN:  This new Lightning figure features a variety
of interchangeable parts to form many different configurations.  In stock
now for only $15.99

DOCTOR WHO – NEW WAVE:  A new wave of figures with The Moxx, Cassandra,
Sycorax & more is now in stock for $54.99

LEGEND OF ZELDA – FIERCE DEITY LINK:  A new statue from First 4 Figures is
now in stock at $134.99 – check it out here:

BATMAN ELSEWORDS SEREIS 4:  This cool new 6 figure set is in stock at $18
under MSRP – check out all the bizarre versions here:

ELVIS PRESLEY – 68 SPECIAL:  This comeback special figure is now in stock
at $15.99, these never last long so be sure to pick one up.

ULTIMATE IRON MAN STATUE:  A very cool and dynamic piece limited to 2500,
this one has just arrived and is priced at $20 under MSRP

BIG BARDA BUST:  Another entry into the Women of the DC Universe bust
line, Big Barda is in stock now for $39.99.

HUNDREDS OF OTHER ITEMS:  A lot of stuff arrived this week, too much to
list here, but be sure to look for these as well:  GX-01R Chogokin, The
Joker Vinyl Statue, Star Dust Statues, Marvel Magazine & Lead Figures,
Bome Jungle Emi, Deluxe Catwoman, Batgirl Bust, Final Fantasy Master
Creatures 2, Jareth Bust and much more.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the new items listed above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew

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