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Secret Identities – MeatloafOfDarkness

I ask fwooshmembers questions.

They answer them.


" I spend my money frivolously on action figures. "

Where are you?

Safety Harbor, Florida!

Safety Harbor, Florida?

Yes, it’s also near a harbor! I fish there sometimes, one time I caught a fish and it peed on me. I threw away the shirt when I got home.

Are you from Florida?

Yes, I was born here.

Use a lot of sunscreen?

Yes but I’m not a big fan of the beach (huge shock because I live in Florida) so I don’t use it all that much.


I don’t travel much with the exceptions of the grocery store, LCS, misc. toy stores…

Do you know anyone who collects figures in real life?

From fwoosh, no. But I talk to a lot of the people who work/are at my LCS who collect figures.

Who is in your avatar?

It’s kycilia zabi shooting her brother gihren in the head for killing their father.

Your username, MeatloafofDarkness?

My username has no real meaning; I just love the food meatloaf and wanted to combine it with the darkness of my soul.

What are some ingredients in Meatloafofdarkness?

Love, meat, oats, and you must either be singing it or have the time warp playing on the radio.

A lot of your posts are food related, do you like to cook?

I do some cooking. I am a professional in hot pockets and Easy Mac, but my mother can make a meatloaf that tastes delicious.

When do you sleep?

Usually around 1am but if I’m having a wee bit of insomnia 4-5am. I usually go to bed after scrubs is over (comes on for me 10:30-11 and then 11:30-12:30, I watch a minimum of 3 scrubs episodes daily) and lately I’ve been watching “bleach” on adult swim. If I have insomnia I usually go on the boards and chat for a while, surf animal planet, you know the usual.

Do you take speed/caffeine/OTCs?

No, Yes, No.

Favorite color?

My favorite color is green. I think one reason is that my baby blankie was green.

If you could only choose one action figure  between the custom of yourself:
Meatloafofdarkeness and the Corndog of Malice Which one would you choose?

The MoD figure definitely, it is just too beautiful to ever let go. The corndog figure is nice as well, but I just love having myself forever captured in plastic. I’ll never forget how that loser made a trade for an awesome custom figure in exchange for a worthless gold iron man. Hmmm you know he’s probably going to read this so I’ll revise that: I’ll never forget how Ibentmyman-thing was so awesome to make a custom figure for me in exchange for a incredibly rare gold iron man plus doop. It even smelled good when I got it out of the box. Right now I have it on my computer desk in a chair, just sitting there looking at everything I type with it’s eyes.
MeatloafOfDarkness and CorndogofMalice
So IBMMT does stuff in exchange for stuff?

I don’t know if he does it for everybody but he did it for me because we have a special relationship. We understand each other, I scratch his back and he scratches mine. I give and he takes and I take and he gives.

What is your job description?

Must be fluent in the binary language of moisture vaporators.

Are you plainspoken in real life?

I am very plainspoken in real life. I am also blunt in real life. Very blunt. I don’t mind speaking my mind, but when I do it usually just comes out as a bunch swear words and the lyrics to "holding out for a hero" by Bonnie Tyler.

How do you deal with anger?

I punch walls. I scream into a pillow. I eat foods I shouldn’t eat. Usually I just bottle it up. It’s now a waiting game until I explode.

Who is in your family ?

I have a mother, a father, and a brother who’s 8 years older than me. I also have the obligatory aunts and uncles and a cousin.

What’s your brother’s name? Is he going to read this?

My brother’s name is Andrew. He probably won’t read this unless I show it to him.

What is your brother doing now?

At this exact moment, he’s probably sleeping.

Do you have a cousin that is hot?

Yes, incredibly hot. I’m not judging you, In fact I’m sure you have a hot cousin.


I have 2 dogs, basset hounds, and 3 cats. The dogs are Elvis and Franklin, and the cats are Apple, Blinkie, and Johney.

Who is your oldest friend?

From an early age I learned that everybody else will someday let you down. So me. I am my own best friend. Second is Ibentmyman-thing.

So, if I made you a custom of your choice could I be your
2nd or 3rd best friend?

Well your already my 4th best friend, but if you made me a food custom you’ll jump ahead two places and become my 3rd best friend.

What do you collect?

Marvel legends, Street fighter, DCSH, and maybe some DC Direct here and there if they fit into my DCSH collection.

Other than action figures nothing else really. I do have a small coin collection from my youth, but it’s just full of dimes from the 40’s and Canadian quarters.

Do you customize?

I’ve been dabbling. My latest custom is an animated morph.

What do you spend your free time doing? Weekends?

Mostly read, comic books, novels, etc. I browse the internet. Going on fwoosh mostly. Maybe go on batmania. *cough cough* I’m a mod there so I do mod things.

Take a nap. Fix myself a snack. Look on ebay to see if there is anything of interest. Like everybody else here on fwoosh, I spend my money frivolously on action figures.

I usually sleep in, then go eat some breakfast or brunch. Go on fwoosh see what’s the happy hap. Go for a bike ride to get some exercise, maybe ride it to my LCS to see if they’ve gotten anything new. I really don’t do much on the weekends, which is nice.

It’s mostly chat and the Bar (With No Name) for you then?

The chat and bar do seem where I spend most of my time on fwoosh. Chat is fun for some quick talks with fwooshers and the bar is fun for some nonsense.

When the nonsense comes out in a post does it make sense when you type it and what are some of your favorite words to type with one hand?

I try to make the nonsense make sense when you read it. If it doesn’t make sense, it seems like your stupid, while if it makes sense it makes you seem very funny. My favorite word to type with my left hand is “street”. I haven’t found a word for the right hand other than “lol” though.

Why so much love for "Scrubs"?

“Scrubs” may very well be the best TV show ever created. It’s funny. It’s dramatic. It’s awesome and it’s great. I love all the characters (Todd and Cox particularly) because they actually evolve throughout the series.


When was the last time you cried?

That’s difficult to say. Sometimes a tear comes down my face if I’m laughing really hard but I can’t really remember the last time I really cried. One of the biggest cries I ever had though was when I was real young and was taking my nap on the couch. My brother took the vacuum cleaner, plugged it in, put it right in front of my face, and turned it on thus causing me to scream and nearly wet myself. I cried for about 2 hours and my brother was grounded afterwards. Back then it was traumatic, but looking at it now it’s hilarious. It’s also how I got a fear of vacuum cleaners.

You have a hardly noticeable scar on your face. What’s that from?

As a child (1-4) I was either suicidal or extremely brave. I did many a thing that made my parents wonder if I was trying to get myself killed. I once cut my throat with my brother’s exacto knife. Once drank chemicals from my brother’s chemistry set. Climbed a ladder and over the neighbors fence where my mother had to rush and pick me up because they had a mean dog. On one Christmas morning I went to the back yard to find one of those big plastic cube playground sets and because I was so happy and it rained that morning and I tripped and hit my tooth right on the corner of it thus having a dead tooth (or whatever it’s called, it was gray and numb) until I was about 7 or 8. I once tried to smash a soda can on my head because I saw people do it on TV, only difference is that theirs is opened and empty where mine wasn’t. My mother had a long tube like candle holder and one day I stuck about 15 matches in there and dropped a lit one. Small space + many matches + lit match = fire, exploding of glass, and pissed off mom. The scar is from when I climbed a tree and then slid down, thus causing a bit cut on the side of my face. It’s still there but like you said hardly noticeable.

Thanks MeatloafofDarkness!

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