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CC17: When Amazons Relax

After the ATTACK, Wonder Woman lays back and takes time to relax at the
ultimate club for women only; The Amazonian Island of Themyscira.  Away from
the world and eyes of man, Princess Diana can let her guard down and enjoy
nature’s magical tranquility; a true gift from the Gods!




While DC Direct will release the line sometime in 2008, a special mature
collector’s only edition of Wonder Woman, too revealing for the brick and
mortar market, will debut exclusively at Comic Con 2007 in very limited
quantities.  A regular edition of Diana will be part of the assortment when
the full line is unveiled at a future date.





Name: j3h


Current work (Question Sanity photoserial) found online at:

300 Queen with forearms and head of elseworlds Russian Wonder Woman


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