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CC17: VENTURE BROTHERS – wave 2: Enemies

The highly anticipated 2nd wave of figures in the Venture Brothers series by SILLOF is expected to hit shelves this June, but they won’t stay there long.   This line debuted at Day 3 of Custom Con 15.  This line features some the Team Venture’s most "deadly" enemies:  The Mighty Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, Baron Werner Ünderbheit, and Dr. Henry KillingerThe line continues in the 6” scale with it’s more real world take on the hit Adult Swim cartoon, that is equal parts Johnny Quest / The Hardy Boys / & Comic Book references, just funnier and not as good at fighting crime or solving mysteries.

The Mighty Monarch
The somewhat less than intimidating archenemy of Team Venture, “mastermind” of a somewhat capable army of henchmen, who has modeled himself after the ever frightening Monarch Butterfly.  Behold….THE MIGHTY MONARCH ! The monarch comes with fully deployed battle wings.
Doctor Girlfriend
The on again – off again girlfriend and 2nd in command of The Mighty Monarch.  Her/his feminine looks and masculine voice causes much confusion.

Baron Werner Ünderbheit
Here is the Glorious dictator of Germanic nation of Ünderland (bordering Michigan), member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent and lifelong nemesis of Dr. Rusty Venture,  Baron Werner Ünderbheit
Dr. Henry Killinger
Dr. Henry Killinger is like the Mary Poppins of Evil, rather then fixing your home life he fixes your evil organization (and relationships) with his sage-like insights and wisdom.  Dr. Killinger comes with his flying umbrella and magic murder bag handcuffed to his wrist.
The Mighty Monarch
  • Whole figure DCD-Psycho Pirate
  • Apoxie – armor and boots
  • ML – Black Widow bracers
  • Poly styrene – Wings
Doctor Girlfriend
  • Body – DCD Saturn Girl
  • Head – DCD Super Lois
  • Apoxie hair, dress, gloves
Baron Werner Ünderbheit
  • Head & Bracers – DCD Mongul
  • Body – ML Stealth Beast
  • Legs & Cape – DCD – Superman
  • Arms & Hands – ML Hulking
  • Apoxie – Cape, sash, buckles, shoulder pads, jaw, & Misc
Dr. Henry Killinger
  • Body – ML  Doc Ock
  • Legs – DCD Timberwolf
  • Apoxie – hair, mask, tunic, stethoscope, bag, slippers.



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