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CC17: Nextwave agents of H.A.T.E.

What?  You never heard of this book?  A whole team full of third string Marvel Heroes written by fan ‘favorite’ writer Warren Ellis?  No problem, nobody else read it.  We liked it, though.  So we decided to center an entire line on the Nextwave squad and their villains. 








Name: Matthew K
The Name of my figure line:  Nextwave agents of H.A.T.E.
Photon – ML14 Psylocke, ML8 Storm head, part of a Black Panther cape and apoxie sculpt hair.
Elsa Bloodstone – ML10 Mystique, Huntress Cape, and Apoxie sculpt.
Machine Man – Ultimate Doc Ock, X-Men 2 cyclops coat and arms, and Apoxie Sculpt hair.
Tabby – DCSH Supergirl, some cape for the coat and apoxie for the hair.
The Captain – Deluxe Spike with apoxie sculpt head and pants.
Broccoli Men – ML 9 Professor X.  One has a modified movie doom head.  The other is a resculpted Daredevil head.

4 thoughts on “CC17: Nextwave agents of H.A.T.E.

  1. I’m absolutely stoked and depressed at the same time. Stoked because those look awesome but depressed because they’re not for sale.

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