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CC17: DC: Criminal Elements


To celebrate the launch of, I’ve put together eight villains for your enjoyment.  Rather than blather on about why I decided each figure, after you’re done checking out the other cool creations at CustomCon, be sure and check out these figures, detailed recipes, and other site-launch exclusive figures at!


Name: Swass!
e-mail: [email protected]
Catwoman: McG Batwoman, McG WW head
Clayface: DCD Kilowog
Cyborg Superman: McG Superman, modified Kingdom Come Deadman head
Deathstroke: McG Aquaman, McG Green Lantern head
Riddler: McG Flash, McG crazy Luthor head
Sinestro: McG Flash, McG cocky bastard Luthor head
Solomon Grundy : Marvel Select Ultimate Hulk, Notorious BIG shoes
Toyman: McG Flash, McG crazy Luthor head