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CC17: 7th Kingdom: Saber of Dawn

 Joining the ranks of  Ramathor and the mighty Xetheus comes a new combatant in the struggle for the balance of power. 

With a snarl and a majestic roar that is known throughout the halls of Animynthus, in strides a new warrior in the battle for the 7th Kingdom Ahmra – ‘The Saber of Dawn

The Saber of Dawn will come equipped with a giant scimitar, and an ornate shield inset with the teeth of his Ancestors.
As an extremely limited Item The Saber of Dawn be available at ( Limited to 1!
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Base body: Fantastic ’06 Xetheus
Head: Original Sculpt (Thank you Crapjaw!) w/ neck piece from a NP3 Dog Soldiers werewolf.
Forearms: DCSH parasite
Hands: Plan B Shadowrun Ogre
Feet: Toybiz LOTR Warg
Sword: McF Toys total chaos Smuggler
Shield: Original Sculpt

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