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Fwoosh Eye for the Dollar Store Guy

In lieu of our regularly-scheduled NCT, I’ve got a special feature this week.

A few months back, one of my favorite Fwooshers, Tim-"give until it hurts"-okay, came up with an idea that espouses both the spirit of giving and the joys of competition.  He called it, "Fwoosh Eye for the Dollar Store Guy."  The idea was simple – he’d offer up a host of dollar store figures to anyone who wanted one.  In return, the recipient would build a custom to enter in the contest to end all contests, judged by the cream of the crop of the customizing world.  (I say that only because I’m a judge.)

Finally, the entries are in.  In no particular order…

Seawing – Gordo – Absorbing Man

okay i had plans from gordo the moment i saw him he was the original plan for drax however i went another direction for him but i was still in the game if you will

the only thing not used in this procedure are the hands head and feet everything else is in there somewhere under the sculpt

Thanks, oh to add, WWE Fig shoulders, hips, hands feet, neckball, knees Wonderman elbows joint

so i went back to the drawing board on character i had not made yet had plans to do such then it hit me
i had made a wrecking ball for thunderball when i made him however i never finished said character but i needed that Wrecking ball for none other than Absorbing Man

now this is my first attempt at scuplting musculature basically from scratch also with almost new joint creation
now i as you can tell abby is not a buff man, that is intended i thought about what ol’creel is as a character hard labor prisoner. and though Hulk Hogan buff(detail arms and chest but thats about the long and short of the matter)so i decided on a modest bell little love handles more of a toughman the buff man look

i added double elbows, double knees, ball sock shoulders and hips with bicep and thigh swivels, ball pegged neck, ball socket feet, the head is a BA cast of the original Abosorbing Man for lack of time to completely redo gordos head, it may reappear in a latter custom though, nothing goes to waste in this house

xAngelx – Stanton – Sheep Boy

I present to you:
Sheep Boy

I built my entrant ontop of the Originality section, I thought "Who the hell would think of something so obscure?".

I would.

My piece was constructed using Stanton (My base figure) and cotton wool.
I added one piece of extra articulation which allows his neck to go back so he can look forwards when on his knees.

To do this I cannibalised Pyro’s ankle and attached that onto the existing neck swivel peg and to the inside of the hollowed out head. I then covered the sides and filled in with Milliput. You can’t quite see it(Good! the skin tone doesn’t quite match on the neck) but it is there. He retains all articulation including the swivel neck.

The wool was attached with Superglue and my fingers got covered in it and the glue stuck it to my fingers.

I can probably fill in the area between the laces or sand them off, but then again I’m lazy so unless I get the burning desire to do so; I probably won’t.

The paints I used were Vallejo Game Colour Ultramarine Blue with a little bit of Dead White. These paints are great and I didn’t even need to seal it.

What else can I say? Uhh…

Please be kind!

Peace out!

Heli88 – Jonas – Dr. McNinja


From the realms of nothing in particular comes Dr. McNinja attired for Hawaiian Action! Perhaps the good doctor is hunting down Pirates in the Hawaiian Isles, or maybe shutting down McDonald’s latest dastardly scheme, McPoi! It’s up to you to decide, because I didn’t!

Dr. McNinja began life as Jonas, who was apparently some sort of commando paramedic. When I saw his combination of button up shirt and full face mask, I was instantly struck by McInspiration. Rather than go with Dr. McNinja’s standard (boring) outfit of white shirt, black pants, black tie, I went with a more actiony/relaxed look. The Hawaiian theme was chosen for no particular reason other than I thought it would look neat.

The doctor’s modifications are strictly paint-based, though I did trim a little flash here and there to make him look a little nicer. I repainted his navy and yellow pants to a nice olive green, added a white undershirt, and a lovely island-inspired pattern to his shirt, accidentally making him look like he’d beaten up Chuckles from GI Joe and stolen his clothes. Jonas’ silver mask was repainted into Dr. McNinja’s famous "grey with big black spot" color scheme, as well, and I did a little touching up on his eyebrows.The paint was carefully chosen from a selection of whatever I already had on hand, and I’m sure you’re shocked to learn that the mask and shirt pattern were painted freehand.

Dr. McNinja’s outfit is topped off with a lei that is actually one of my daughter’s ponytail holders, and he carries a sword donated by ML6 Wolverine (who swiped it from Ogun) and a pineapple from his tropical pal Blanka.

33%boy – Norbert

Time-travelling adventurer from the future, Norbert found himself trapped in a post-apocalyptic hell-hole when his time travel doohickey got smashed up, probably by a monster or something like that. Armed only with a sword he found next to some dead guy and his manly kung-fu looking headband, Norbert fights against weird futuristic creatures, perhaps giant insects or radioactive mutant zombies, and searches for a way to get home.

What did I change?

The biggest addition is knee joints. I sliced up a Hush Batman’s legs, removed the middle of Norb’s legs and replaced them with the new Batman knees. Bit of a waste of time given that very little movement was actually added, but the effort was made and it looks reasonably seamless I think. The sword is from a Samurai Jack figure (there’s a sheath strapped to his back) and the strap is from Longshot’s manpurse (I think). The sunglasses are from Doc Ock, although I only added them at the last minute for a laugh.

Milliput additions include the Chuck Norris beard (I nearly made him into Chuck at one point), bootcuffs and great big man nipples. I also added trouser details at the belt level, althought that didn’t look quite right.

The rest is repaint – dark tan colour undercoat followed by a couple of lighter drybrushings of skin tone, a couple of shades of brown for new hair colour, headband repaint and trousers/boots/gloves. Every part of Norby saw some new paint added. An old toothbrush and some red paint added the blood spatter.

Kirk – Timmy – Iron Fist

Base – Dollar Store Guy
Collar – Stencil paper cut and sculpted onto body by Moni
Kirk sculpted head, mask and shoes.
Green and most of skin tone painted by Kirk – emblem on chest painted by Kirk
Yellow painted by Moni – face painted by Moni
Sashes – not sure what he used for mask tail and belt sash I forgot to ask, I’m guessing pieces of a cape.

4pathyInk – Kelvin and Melville – The Office

The Office
Michael G. Scott
Dwight K. Schrute


Michael Scott got a Professor X jacket, apoxie hair, tie, and pant cuffs.
Dwight Schrute’s hair and tie are from apoxie sculpt. Glasses made of a suction cup and wire.

thx3188 – Quincy and Curtis – Justin and Jon

So, first I took my dollar store guys (Henceforth referred to as "DSGs") apart with a screwdriver.

After the initial shock of seeing the plastic was particularly thin and realizing that to remove even the pockets would probably result in massive, gaping wounds, I set to work scrabbling through my fodder bins for articulation I could add to them.

I found several LOTR SP Frodos and realized the foot/ankle/lower calf assemblies were the same size as the boots on my DSGs and, with some strategic Dremeling, these assemblies would actually fit inside (sort of) the boot pieces!

Quickly comparing the rest of the bits from Frodo to my pile of assorted, unscrewed DSGs, I realized this would work out well for every single body part I had. Hello, 24 POA!

Some quick hollowing out of pieces, some redesigning of internal pegs for support, using one of the former DSG arms as an ab-joint armature on each (25 POA!) and I had something that looked like 2 MLs wearing badly fit DSG costumes.

Overall, the chest, back, thighs, calves, most of the boots and two of the arms (used internally as ab articulation) are in tact. The arms might not count towards my score because you can’t see them, but they’re there, so I mentioned them.

I then sculpted some new faces and hair in Apoxie onto the Frodo heads (in hindsight, I should have used the DSG heads for size reasons), added the armor details and padded the hips out a little with Apoxie to better match the new 6" body and painted. Considering these are only my second and third heads of all time, I think they came out okay, but they need to be a smidge bigger.

There are five other members of the team when the story begins, but Justin and John (left and right, respectively) were the first to spring to mind when I decided on what I was actually making.

The weapons were hastily thrown together at the last second – the scythe isn’t painted and the sword is huge. I need to find them some better hands before I finish the weapons, though (if you saw the box of hands I had here, you’d be surprised I didn’t even think of them when I was working on the figures).

And now, without further adieu…

(That white line near Justin’s ab joint has to be glare, because it’s painted…)

In retrospect, I probably should have started on these about 3 months ago. You know, when we were told about the contest. Also, it would help to have finalized my design for Justin before I started. He’s got a much more elaborate costume now, one more befitting his role as the Angel of Death, and although most of the same elements are there, I think it’s a more solid design. I realize now that I should have made the pants purple due to their blending with the gold armor, as well.

Justin’s head should elicit a hooded skull more than the cro-magnon look it has now and he also has a cape in the drawings I have made since finishing a few days ago. I don’t so much mind the caveman look, though, as it was a story detail I later developed further off of my original premise — the simple version is that everything is seen in black and white, but there’s a grey area that gets ignored because it doesn’t fit — and Justin’s appearance now changes depending on who interacts with him. Most of the time he just looks like a tall, skinny goth guy in loud armor, but he can look at times like a giant pink bunny rabbit or even his true, winged, black robed skeleton form depending on how the interacting party’s "Normality Filter" sees him.

John’s pretty much been the same design since I first drew him. I toy off and on with the idea of adding a steel collar onto the armor to deflect vampires, however, and looking at this figure, it seems like a better idea to have the collar than not.

Anyways, that’s my Fwoosh Eye entry!

ActorJez – Icabod – Kirk (!)

So the way I figure it: If I’m gonna go through all the trouble to make a custom of a Fwoosher, it’s gonna be somebody I like.

(You hear that, Kirk? LIKE! Don’t kill me.)

* “Ichabod” Dollar Store Figure generously donated by Timokay, heavily modified.
* Talking Oakland Raiders Codpiece is the head from a 4" Micheal Keaton Bruce Wayne, heavily modified
* Accessories…I have no idea. All were parts picked from my fodder bins.
Credits: None! Who’s made a Kirk before? (Don’t answer that Moni, you know what I mean).

So my first thought after seeing Timokay’s announcement for the Fwoosh Eye For The Dollar Store Guy Contest was…dang, if Ichabod didn’t look a lot like Pollo from the HBO series Rome. Apparently I wasn’t alone, since the first thing Tim said to me when I chose him was “D’you watch Rome–?”. Very Happy
My choice was set. A bit of paint, a toga and a gladius, Boom. Thirteen!!!

It was a couple days later, though, when I was looking at the picture of the figure again, and a thunderbolt struck me…
…Big, burly, crazed, angry bald guy.

I had thought of doing versions of famous (or notorious) Fwooshers ever since GrownNerd came up with the idea two years ago, but never got around to it. This was the perfect excuse to kick off Legends of the Fwoosh with a bang, by paying homage to–despite his sometimes-reputation–one of the nicest Fwooshers you’ll ever “meet” online.

First order of business was getting reference material (WIP Fig A & B). I’d need to be all secret-squirrel-sneaky about it, though, not wanting to raise any suspicions.

So I just asked him outright for a picture.

(The Ninja call it “hiding in plain sight”)

Realized that Ichabod had way too much hair for our favorite chrome dome, so I dremelled off what was there and recsuplted his cranium (WIP Fig D, WIP Fig H). Found an old 4" Micheal Keaton head that would work wonders as the Oakland Raiders symbol, cut off the face (WIP Fig C) and mounted it on Kirk’s (ahem) center of gravity.

The Dollar Store figure’s legs were a little too limiting for me, doing that stovepipe-straight-up-and-down thing. I thought I could add two points of simple articulation that would allow the legs to swivel at the hip, giving me a bit more freedom to pose the figure. I cut Kirk off at the hip (WIP Fig E), and shaved both the legs and hips down to a diagonal. Then I drilled in two screws (WIP Fig G), and drilled corresponding holes in the legs (WIP Fig I). I filled these holes with kneadatite, coated the screwheads with a tiny amount of corn oil, and pushed the screwheads into the kneadatite core. Once it cured around the screwhead, I could twist the legs freely…and because of the new diagonal angle at the hip, they stood in a slightly more action-oriented pose all the time.

Past that, it was just a matter of sculpting the Raiders symbol as his magical codpiece (WIP Fig F), and painting. You’d think I’d have had this done early on, but because it seemed so “simple” I only worked on it for a few minutes here and there. I was working on it right up until the bell, and beyond!

So, that’s it. Enjoy the pics.

Kirk, don’t kill me.

A Huge thanks to Timokay for sponsoring the contest!!

DiscoGod – Lyndon – A.C. Slater

So without further ado, may I present…..


Albert Clifford Slater!!!!

That’s right, Bayside High’s favourite jock in plastic form! Carefully hand-crafted from the finest cheap plastic, A.C. is resplendant with his trademark grin and mullet. Wearing his pastel pink shirt and acid-washed jeans, Slater has 16 points of articulation and a wicked sense of rhythm.

He comes with his Bayside gym bag (’cause he needs somewhere to keep his wrestling kit), boombox (so he can bust a move whenever he damn well pleases, preppie) and Bayside Tigers logo base.

So basically I resculpted the head a little and painted it. I added no articulation whatsoever, as I’m a lazy sod. The accessories are from somewhere, I forget where. Just repainted and added logos.

But hey, it’s A.C. Slater. That has to count for something, right?

Los – Oliver


Oliver Klause-Hoff is a walking contradiction. Half his body cursed with an ancient ……….. curse, that is causing his body to turn into a desert Insectoid. Half his body replaced with bionics. And last, half human, grasping what is left of his humanity.

DoubleDealer – Ug – Kirk (again!)

Here’s my entry.  I call it "Man in Transition" or "Please don’t kill me Kirk, it’s TSR’s idea"

Heasculpt made from super sculpey, casted in smoothcast. Pants from a wrestler.

Spiderdood – Elrod – Sgt. Lee


‘In an alternate universe DC and Marvel collide. The Marvel heroes against the odds are lead by forgotten hero, super solider turned comic book writer Sgt. Lee.

Super human strength, agility and an all powerful arsenal; Lee lead Marvel to glory, rose the flag and now among legends is known as Sgt. Lee Destroyer of DC’

The idea behind this custom was simple, it came for a daydream I had where Stan Lee wipes out the competition DC. Of course I didn’t want ol’ Stan to look like a bad guy; so I made him into a comic book character in which he leads the Marvel heroes into battle against the ‘villainous’ DC. I didn’t want him to be spandex and bright colours so I went with the forgotten hero routine, in the form of an ex super solider turned comic book writer. I gave him an eye-patch as Nick Fury and a cybernetic arm similar to Cable; his costume I entirely improvised with a number of unnecessary straps and pouches ala 90’s Jim Lee, also some big ass boots

The head I made to resemble Stan Lee, with the trademark hair and tash but sadly no glasses, as I wanted him with the eye-patch, funny thing though I took the head from an unfinished custom of ‘The Man’ I was working on.

Now onto the details; I sculpted over the entirety of the dollar figure with only the head/neck (DCD Bruce Wayne sculpted over) and the boots (WWE Deluxe aggression Batista) been replaced.

Other than the ball jointed neck and ankles, the articulation I’ve added my self was the thigh cuts; he now has a total 19 points of articulation.
I gave him a swanky paint job to give him the appropriate weathered look, a bloody big variety of different colour shades and tones which I applied as dry brush, washes…it’d give me a head ache to count it all.

The accessories I gave a kit bash chain gun, piece of kryptonite; a base composed of a dead superman, lamppost, rubble and a make shift flag signifying the victory. These were all made using various parts from the fodder bin.

Overall I’m happy with how he turned out considering this is the first real complete re-sculpt and paint job I’ve done.

Ibentmyman-thing – Fenwick – Jason

Good cop gone bad. Jason used to be a nice, polite cop named Fenwick, but now he’s a creaking, undead shambling mess of a man named Jason Voorhees.

This was a project I had wanted to do for a while, and the dollar store contest that Tim egged me into was the perfect opportunity. There was a similarity in the stocky body of these squatty little figures and what Jason could be.

His entire body is covered with apoxie and resculpted to match up to his look right around Friday the 13th numbers 7 and 8. He took Manhattan. But he never gave it back.

The axe is an original sculpt out of apoxie. And this body had the misfortune of coming with an extra head. It is now a poor casualty of Jason’s addicted-to-sequels rage.

No parts of the figure were removed, all articulation has been kept.

Dr Baghead – Horatio – Spar-10 hero Vs Summer King

keeping in theme with these being dollar store knock off figures I like to call this
"NUMBER HISTORY FIGHTER: Spar-10 hero Vs Summer King"

‘Summer King’ was worked on by my friend, Kipestshin, out of Icabod with the arms and limbs of another dollar store figure allowing him to have elbow and knee articulation along with his existing waist cut.

‘Spar-10 Hero’ was worked on by me, and I guess really counts as one big accessory to Summer King, is made from another dollar store figure with the exact same body type but too a smaller scale, his spear and shield are from a dollar store Magnatrix or whatever figure.

Many many more pics:

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