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Winner: Marvel Select Alien Legends Contest

The wait is over.  You signed up for Diamond Select Radicals, all in the hopes of landing a pre-production Marvel Select Alien Legends 2-pack – nearly 300 of you in all.  And sadly, only one of you could win.  The good news for the rest of you is that I’m going to give you someplace to focus your ire – the Fwoosher who’ll be giving those Brood and Skrull figures a good home:

Magnutz.  I mean Magnuz.

Yes, the same Magnuz who used to be on staff here at the Fwoosh.  Luckily for him, he retired from duty here several months ago – proving once again that good things happen to former Fwoosh staff members.  But don’t hate him too much – one guy actually got a full case of toys when he left the staff!

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