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Legends Action Figure Newsletter 180

Hello people, Hope everyone is well.

We would like to start this week’s newsletter on a sad note. Long-time Legends employee Henri Venne is leaving us. Henri joigned us in the spring of 1998 and after 8 long years of great customer service, he finally found a job in the field he studied for. Although we here are all sadened by this, we are very happy for him and wish him nothing but the best. To our long-time customers who have come to know Henri, he will be working is last shift at Legends on Friday, January 12 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.. If you wish to come and say Hey! for the last time, we are sure as hell he’d be more then happy to see you, he’s come to grow fund of a lot of you guys!
Dear Henri, things won’t be the same here without you, but all the best in all that life has to offer,
We love you and we’ll miss you.
From your boys: Steve – José – André – Fred
Here are a few updates:
2007 will be a great, great year for toy-lovers!! So much new stuff on the horizons, now’s a good time to find that second job to support your hobby;))) Here’s a few thing to look forward to:
1) Fans of the extremely popular TV Action/Drama series 24 will be happy to know that there will finally be products this year. This week, Diamond Select Toys & McFarlane Toys announced that they both acquired the license to produce products based on the show. Look forward to: Action Figure Boxed Sets, 12" Figures & Minimates coming later this year from these 2 companies.
2) A truckload of Blockbuster movies are scheduled to hit theatres this year and guess what??? Most will have toy lines.
Look for these movie lines in the following months: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Grindhouse, Spider-Man 3, Frank Miller’s 300, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, The Simpsons, Shrek 3 & so many others…and that doesn’t even count the classics such as: Star Wars, Rocky, Labyrinth, Reservoir Dogs, Robocop, Star Trek and all the rest.
3) Comic book fans will also be spoiled this year. Although a lot of you guys were disapointed to see the Marvel license go to Hasbro, they have a lot of stuff coming your way this year and you will be thrilled with it. For those concerned with Marvel Toy (a.k.aToy Biz), well they are launching a new line based on Independant comic book characters in the Marvel Legends style and from what we’ve seen so far, this line as great potential and it will kick major booty!. DC Direct also has lots of DC Comics goodies coming our way and they just announced that they acquired the rights to World of Warcraft!!! How cool is that !!!!
With the New York Toy Fair just around the corner, look for tons of new stuff toi be announced in the coming weeks.
It will be a very good year…Oh yeah!!!

Here is our weekly Newsletter:


McFarlane Toys: Sports Picks NHL Legends Series 4

European Cartoon PVC Figures
Marvel Select: Best of… Series 1


Canadian Legends: Sir Wilfrid Laurier
                             Sir Isaac Brock
Star Wars: Saga Collection Wave 8
                Saga Republic Commando Delta Squad Multi-pack
                Darth Vader Animated Maquette
                General Grievous Bust
                Royal Guard Statue
                Chewbacca Bust

                Rancor & Handler Statue
                Galactic Heroes 2-packs
                Boba Fett Animated Maquette
                Princess Leia & R2-D2 Animated Maquette 
                Force Action Lightsabers
Marvel Legends: Series 14
Buffy/Angel: Spike Plush Puppet
                   12" Cordelia Sideshow Exclusive
Sideshow Collectibles: 12" Tony Montana
                                  VCD Wolverine
                                  Captain America VS. Red Skull Diorama
Spider-Man: Origins Signature Series Wave 1
                  Origins Heroes Series figures (Hasbro)
                  Deluxe Talking Sexy Party Stewie 
                  Bendy figures + keychains


McFarlane Toys: Hanna-Barbera Series 2 Box Set

                         Friday the 13th 3-D Movie Poster
                         Alien 3-D Movie Poster
                         Lost Box Set
                         AVP: 12" Stealth Scar Predator
Now Playing: Thing Box Set
                13" Two-Face Collector Figure
             Gumby & Friends Bendy Multi-pack
Marilyn Manson: Disposable Teens
Ren & Stimpy: Eye-Popping Ren
                      Brushing Stimpy
Astro Boy: 7" Figure
Marvel Legends: Series 15
McFarlane Toys: Jaws 3-D Movie Poster
DC Direct: JSA Series 1
Marvel (Hasbro): Marvel Legends Series 1
                        Ghost Rider Series 1
                        Spider-man: Origins: Vilains Series 1
                        Super-Hero Squad Series 1
Now Playing: Series 3
Star Wars: Saga Wave 9
                 Imperial Briefing Room Multi-Pack
                 Comic Packs 
Marvel Select: Mephisto
  1) Marvel Legends (Hasbro): Series 1
  2) Star Wars: 30th Anniversary
  3) Star Wars Saga: Wave 9
  4) Marvel Legends (Hasbro): Series 2
  5) Player Select: Series 1
  7) DC Direct: 13" Flash Collector Figure
  8) Kotobukiya:The Joker Vinyl Model
  9) Rocky: Series 3
 10) McFarlane’s Dragons: Series 5
  1) Star Wars: Gentle Giant: Rancor & Handler Statue
  3) McFarlane Toys: Lost "Hatch" Box Set
  4) Star Wars: Gentle Giant:Darth Vader Animated Maquette
  5) Canadian Legends: Sir Isaac Brock
  6) Seed of Chucky: Family Box Set
  7) Canadian Legends: Sir Wilfrid Laurier
  8) Marvel Legends: Series 14
 10) Marvel Select: Best of… Series 1

If you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean we don’t have it, e-mail us !!!!
Have a Good week!!!
Steve, José, André, Henri, Frédéric, Simon & Chewie !

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