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Hello people, Hope everyone is well.
here’s a few updates:
1) With the holidays approaching, we are offering different specials . To start it off, we have a Star Wars special.
Buy any of the following ships…:

We also have some mark downs on selected items, check out our Specials
2) Vintage Star Wars enthusiasts, we are now offering a great new book for you: "From Meccano to Trilogo".
This book features the most extensive coverage ever published about both lines with the whole collections presented for the FIRST time, information, photography and printed material.

More than 500 illustrated pictures within 144 full color pages

Written by collector Stéphane Faucourt


You can order your copy of this book right here.
But don’t wait as this book is pretty limited and a must have for your vintage collection
Here is our weekly Newsletter:

Spider-Man: Origins Battle-Packs (Hasbro)
                  Origins Heroes Series figures (Hasbro)
                  Web Splashers (ToyBiz)

Star Wars: Battle Packs
                Galactic Heroes 2-packs
                Boba Fett Animated Maquette
                Princess Leia & R2-D2 Animated Maquette 
                Collectibles Tin Sets
                Force Action Lightsabers

                Unleashed Battle Packs: Order 66 Series

                Titanium Figures: Series 3

WWE Classic Superstars: Series 12
NECA: Pirates of the Carribean: 12" Davy Jones
           Masters of the Universe Staction Figures: Series 3
           Cult Classics: Series 5
           V for Vendetta Figure
           Resident Evil: 10th Anniversary Series
           Nightmare Before Christmas Series 5
                                                    Jack on Snowmobile Box Set
                  Deluxe Talking Quagmire
                  Deluxe Talking Sexy Party Stewie 
                  Herbert Convention Exclusive Figure
South Park: Series 4
                  Deluxe Talking Mr. Hankey
                  Deluxe Talking Cartman
                  Fingerbang Boy Band Box Set


            15" King Kon Rotocast figure 
           Attack of the Living Dead 
           The Notorious B.I.G.: Style A & Style B
           Miami Vice Figures
           Scarface Talking Figure

                Who’s Who Series 2
                13" Aquaman
                Dc Re-Activated Series 1
                Crisis on Infinite Earths Series 3

Star Trek: Nemesis 2-Pack
Pirates of the Carribean: 3 3/4 figure (new assortment)
Transformers: Classics
                     Ultimate Battle 2-Pack
                     20th Anniversary Optimus Prime DVD Edition
The Simpsons: Beanies assortments
TNA Wrestling: Series 5
Marvel Legends: Icons Series 2


Sideshow Collectibles: 12" Lord of the Rings Aragorn
                                  Lord of the Rings Premium Format Lurtz
                                  12" Star Wars Bespin Han Solo
                                  12" Star Wars Mace Windu
                                  12" Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi
                                  12" Star Wars Qui-Gon Jinn
                                  12" Star Wars Kit Fisto
                                  Star Wars VCD Vinyl Deformed figures

                         Lost Series 1 + Box Set
                    Star Wars Rancor & Handler Statue
Canadian Legends: Sir Wilfrid Laurier
                             Sir Isaac Brock
  1) Star Wars: 30th Anniversary
  2) Star Wars: Comic Packs 
  3) Marvel Legends (Hasbro): Series 1
  4) McFarlane Toys: Spawn Series 30
  5) Star Wars Saga: Wave 9
  7) Canadian Legends: Sir Isaac Brock
 10) Marvel Legends (Hasbro): Series 2
  1) Transformers: 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime
  5) Star Wars: Boba Fett Animated Maquette
  7) McFarlane Toys: Monsters Femme Fatales Box Set
  8) Pirates of the Carribean: 12" Davy Jones
  9) Spider-Man: Origins Heroes Series figures (Hasbro)

Have a Good week!!!
Steve, José, André, Henri, Frédéric, Simon & Chewie !

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