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Sideshow Toys/Medicom: 501st Clone Trooper VCD figure

San Diego Comic Con 2006 has passed and with it, a healthy chunk of change out of my wallet. Sideshow Toys had many exclusives at this year’s con and this review covers the Medicom produced Star Wars Episode 3: 501st Clone Trooper VCD figure.


Medicom has become more creative with the packaging of their VCD (Vinyl Collectible Doll) figures. Not to say the earliest figures in the line, like Boba Fett, had boring boxes, but they’ve definitely become more creative. The packaging simulates an up close perspective of the Clone Trooper’s helmet. Unfortunately, this doesn’t let you see much of the figure inside. Medicom did make the package collector friendly as there is no tape on the box and you can easily remove and reinsert the figure into the packaging.


In line with other VCDs, the Clone Trooper has exaggerated features consisting of larger than normal head, hands and feet. If you’re on board with a non-real world simulation of a Clone Trooper, you should be pleased with the sculpt. There’s no doubt that what you’re looking at is a Clone Trooper, and stylistically this approach is very pleasing to my taste.


No complaints whatsoever with the paint applications and that is not a surprise. Typically, Medicom and Sideshow Toys are not known for poor paint on their figures. This VCD has the distinctive blue paint decoration of the 501st Legion of Clone Troopers, also referred to as Vader’s Fist. While I can’t compare the hue directly to the movie, I do believe the color of blue chosen is lighter than in the movie. It suits the less serious mood of the VCD and is certainly a lighter shade than the smaller Hasbro action figure.


Don’t expect a mind blowing amount of articulation if you’re in the market for this figure. He has standard swivel articulation at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and waist. No leg articulation – but he is very sturdy and I have had no issues with him falling over.


Medicom’s VCD figures aren’t known for their accessories. However, when accessories are included they do make sense. In this case, the Clone Trooper comes with a blaster rifle. He can hold it in one hand or use the other hand to support it.

Value/Fun Factor

Including shipping, I paid $70 for him. This is about $10 more than the suggested retail price. As an American, I’m lucky, so to speak, to be able to get him at that price. Until Sideshow Toys struck a deal with Medicom, the VCDs had not been distributed outside of the East. The original Boba Fett VCD went for upwards of $120 on eBay when it was first released, but the prices on him, and the others, have dropped significantly due to Sideshow Toys’ distribution plans.

The collector in me isn’t upset with the price, but the realist in me is saying: “You paid $70 for a rotocast, vinyl figure. Spider-man rotocast figures only cost $10!” In an effort to balance out the two opposing opinions, I’m pleased with my purchase, but can’t easily recommend this to others as it is a lot of money for a hollow piece of plastic.

As far as fun factor, he is neat to look at, but you can’t really play with it, and even though he is sturdily constructed, you wouldn’t want to hand him to a small child to play with considering the cost. Regardless, I’m happy to mix him in with the rest of my Star Wars collection.

Where to Buy:

This figure sold out at SDCC and is out of stock at Sideshow’s site; however they make it available as a Wait List item:

Other than that, eBay may be the only way to go.