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SDCC 2006 – STARRO Update

We’ve got an update on STARRO! Don’t know what STARRO is? Then read on!


Here is an SDCC update for you. I’ve recently recieved information regarding STARRO! STARRO is the meeting for customizers that is held annually at the San Diego Comic Convention.

ascipione over at the Delphi Forums ( has once again thrown her hat into the ring and organized a time and date for us.

This year STARRO will be Saturday July 22nd from 4-5:30 (that is PM…). I don’t have details on the room yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you all informed as soon as we have an update.

STARRO is being held as a fan meeting this year as opposed to the panel meeting that we had last year. I guess that means we’ll have a bunch of fellas standing around with toys in their hands discussing the virtues of Appel Barrel paints and which is better; Aves Apoxie Sculpt or The Green Stuff.

I highly recommend any customizer to come by, this event was fantastic last year and I look forward to it again this year.


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