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Light-Up Eyes – DDD LED Tutorial

This article shows you how to wire up your own LED lights for use in customs with a step by step photo guide. In this example we will be recreating the light-up eyes used in various Sentinel customs.


I scavenged alot of the parts from the base of a Movie Human Torch. These parts included:

  • Battery Holder
  • Wires
  • Button Switch

The parts I had to buy:

  • Resin Core Solder
  • 2 Matching LED’s Usually sold in multi-packs
  • Electrical Tape


  • Soldering Iron – Please be extra careful when using these. They get hotter than your stove & can burn you in ways you don’t even want to imagine.
  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire Stripper
  • Third Hand Helper – This is optional, but super usefull when you are trying to solder.

Once you’ve assembled the necessary materials and tools, find a clear and stable workspace.  This requires a fair amount of precision and it is easy to mess up.

Now that you have everything ready, let’s get started.

First Step

Solder a longer wire onto the battery holder this will give you the needed length so that you can remote mount your button trigger.

Second Step

Solder your button switch in with an equal length wire on both ends.

Third Step

Since we are using two individual LEDs, we need to branch the power supply. Do this by cutting four 1-1/2 Inch long pieces and make a Y-shaped pattern.  Solder this as shown.

Fourth Step

Since LEDs have positive and negative sides, you will need to determine which is which. The easiest way to do this is to test the LEDs on the battery terminal until it lights up.  Make a mental note and solder the correct leads together. If you do make a mistake, now is the best time to find and correct it.

Fifth Step

Solder the last two remaing leads to the LEDs and then make sure to unplug your soldering iron – the hard part is done.

Sixth & Final Step

In order to prevent shorts, we need to insulate solders that may touch each other. Cut small strips of electrical tape and apply them to the places shown to prevent possible shorts.

Congratulations! You have just wired your very own light-up Sentinel eyes.

These techniques can also be applied to other uses. I am making light-up Cyclops eyes and even a light-up Ironman chest has been suggested.
With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for reading the whole write-up, and good luck on making these yourself. As always I am available to answer questions.


About Dirty Dog Designs

DDD has been a member of the Fwoosh for just over a year.  After displaying his Sentinel Overkill, DDD was so inundated with private messages asking how he did it, that he wrote up this guide.

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1 thought on “Light-Up Eyes – DDD LED Tutorial

  1. wow! thanks for the tutorial ,,,, im currently trying to add a single led to an iron monger
    i have a switch (has 3 prongs on the back of it) wire, soldering tool, and a single led (fw current 25mA) and connecting to a AA battersource… having no luck, would you be so kind as to provide some assistance

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