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X Men Classics Archangel No-Paint Wing Modification

X Men Classics Archangel No-Paint Wing Modification

by HakatoX

Tools Needed:

1 pair of needle nosed pliers
1 flat head screwdriver
1 pot of boiling water

Figures Needed:

1 X-Men Classics Archangel
1 Marvel Legends Doctor Doom (ML2)

STEP ONE: Preparation

Archangel Prep

Remove the backpack/wing brace from the Archangel figure. Separate the
wings from the backpack, and remove the swivel peg on the backpack (the
whole piece of hard plastic).

Doom Prep

All that is really needed from doom is his shoulder, so a standard boil
and pop will suffice. Separate the shoulder from the arm at the bicep.
Now that we have the shoulders in hand this doom goes to the fodder bin
for now. Cut the small plastic rings off of the shoulder and we will be
on to step two.

STEP TWO: Layout

This is just to make sure that every thing is accounted for.
The picture should explain it all.

STEP THREE: Assembly

We now have in front of us is one set of doom shoulders, one set of
wings,and one backpack. The backpack is where we will start. With the
back peg away from you, take the bicep cut (the flat one) and push the
peg into the hole of the backpack. (Do this on both sides.) Now take
the shoulder peg and push it through the wing peg hole.

Now we take the backpack and place it back on his back. We now have a set of wings that can imitate the flying pose that Archangel rightfully deserves.

A special thanks to LCX for the pose pics and assisting me with the walkthrough tests.

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