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DC Universe Classics 20 – Quick Pics

Greetings! Well, a bit to our surprise (we were actually expecting a few days of delay on this one) a set of DCUC 20 has arrived at the Fwoosh office hot off the plane. We plan on doing a full First Look over the weekend, but we wanted to get some quick pics to you right away. It comes with some sadness since this is the last DCUC wave, but a new year brings a new start and we want to say so long. So, without any further ado…

The Finale: DC Universe Classics 20

A couple of general notes: first, the construction and plastic on this series is some of the best of the entire line. All of the joints are nice and tight, everyone has good neck movement and the plastic is solid. Second, I will officially confirm that the Nekron C&C does NOT include his scythe. I am going to try to check on an official status on that. That being said, for a line-up that I was not over the moon about, the figures turned out well.

Red Arrow and Green Arrow

Roy is obviously based on the previous GA body, but he wears it well. Ollie has a TON of new detail to him and for a costume I don’t have an attachment to, he is cool toy.

Red Arrow and Green Arrow
Roy and Ollie

Hawk and Dove

Well, Hawk is pretty much a perfect translation into this line and he is everything I expected him to be. Dove is NOT my preferred version of Dove (I am missing Don terribly) but she is one of the nicer female figures in the line and she has a very pretty face.

Hawk and Dove II
Angsty Hank
Calm Dawn


Well, we have been waiting for this since series three so good on them for correcting a past vertical wrong. If you have the 2-pack classic Sinestro, this is the same figure. So, the height is good, but I don’t recall him ever having a collar in his Corps uniform, but correct me if I am wrong.

He's been heightening

Reverse Flash

ROGUES! Ah! We still need so many more, but Reverse Flash is my favorite figure in the entire series. He face sculpt is very detailed and spot on to the character.

Reverse Flash
Opposites do not attract

White Lantern Flash

Well, I can say that I like the repurposed Superman Red/Blue electricity things on him, but this just isn’t a version I am overly excited about. I have a bit of Blackest Night fatigue. He matches well with WL Hal, but he does not have as much of the metallic finish and he is more silver/gray than white.

White Lantern Barry
Silver Lanterns


So, the story of this series is going the be the scythe, but the figure itself is really impressive. Actually (though the modern version) he might be one of the best figures in the line. Seriously. His sculpt is 100% original and he has all of the double joints. I love the chest cavity execution and his head sculpt is killer.

The DCUC Black Lanterns

So, that is the quick and dirty, we will be back with a closer look soon, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, leave a comment or join the discussion on the forum (if you dare).

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15 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics 20 – Quick Pics

  1. I have purchased and I can confirm that this series does not include a scythe.
    It also includes one of those “six Lantern Corps too many” figures.
    As of this writing… I’m not sure which I find more annoying.


  3. No scythe? WTF?! Who at Mattel dropped the rather large ball on that item? Anyway, I’m just not feeling this wave. Perhaps it’s the impending end of this series format altogether, or the rather lackluster final blow out list of figures, but this smells like almost a full pass for me.

  4. Nekron lacking his scythe is a deal breaker. That said, the wave isn’t bad. Ollie is an absolute must, and Sinestro is a definite. I might also get the Red Arrow and All-Stars GL Hal figure (I like the shiny look to him).

    Out of curiosity, does Sinestro still have the yellow battery/lantern that was displayed with him at conventions? Also, any idea if the All-Stars Hal figure will have a battery/lantern with him or not? Might just be me, but any lantern character that doesn’t have their battery/lantern just seems…odd, lol…

  5. @Sean, although I cannot speak with 100% certainty, I can tell you that this set came from a store and is NOT a sample. So, while I suppose the possibility exists that this is still an early set and the scythe will be included, it looks doubtful, man.

  6. Is it just your nekron that does not come with a scythe becuase it he does not it’s really a shame because that would have made a great accesory and sooooooooooooooooooooo cool to pose with. But still great pics. Will you talk about them more in a first look?

  7. Why couldn’t they give sinestro the scarecrow lower body so we could have sculpted boots and double jointed knees???!!

  8. I’m sure they bothered to remove the ‘S’ shield from the whispy energy piece on Flash’s back, right?

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