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First Look – DC Action League: Flashpoint

Welcome back! Well, you know that not all of the Mattel DC lines can be aimed at collectors, but it is fun when they can appeal to them (well, at least this one). Little DC fans have been getting some big action in the form of the Action League figures and the latest wave focuses on the Flashpoint story line. We have some pictures to share of three of the sets, so come check them out!

Carded Crew

Wonder Woman & Aquaman

Hey, I am always going to welcome a new Aquaman into my collection, and while this isn’t my favorite costume, he does have a trident accessory. Wondy is looking dangerous!

Batman and Project Superman

Hey, the only way to make Batman more of an intimidating grump is to add a little red and shiny leather to his costume, and a high kick. He comes packaged with Emo Bizarro, er, Project Superman.

The Flash and Citizen Cold


Much like Aquaman, I will always take a Captain Cold figure! He is the best of the entire lot and he has a lot of nice detail; the cold gun is not removable. A new cast of the same Flash figure comes along with him, but he looks like yummy yummy candy this time. Sadly, he does not taste that great.

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2 thoughts on “First Look – DC Action League: Flashpoint

  1. Kind of saddened by the fact that DC is shoving Flashpoint down our throats- and assuming kids even read the comic- otherwise these are kinda cute. I agree that Aquaman’s costume is minus any ‘winning’, and Emo Bizarro is just…well frankly…weird. Just one more example illustrating how out of touch with today’s kids DC appears to be. In fact, why not give up on kids entirely and just cater to the 30-40 something’s who still buy your comics and action figures?

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