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2024 NECA Toon Line Top 20 Wants

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If you could only get 20 more Toon/Toon Inspired figures from NECA who would you want?

My list would be...

  1. Venus
  2. Karai
  3. Tempestra
  4. Tiffany
  5. Aska
  6. Lord Dregg
  7. Pizzaface
  8. Scratch
  9. Merdude
  10. Tattoo
  11. War
  12. Hothead
  13. Tatsu
  14. Tora
  15. Carter (Human)
  16. Shreeka
  17. Jennika
  18. Wyrm
  19. Medusa
  20. Sisyphus

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Not a list of things I'd expect them to make, but I've kept my collection to a core group of characters, so these are releases that would get my interest.

Turtles variants:

Red Sky Turtles (not the monster form) with all new sculpts.
Re-releases of the old Turtles with Playmates coloring and belts. Probably would hit a licensing problem with that, but I'd love those.
Future old-age Turtles.
Animated style Universal Monsters Turtles would be great.

Cartoon characters:
New Shredder. I like the current one fine, but he's not as cartoon accurate as the line eventually became. Rat King and Casey kinda tower over him.
Sherlock and Watson would just be neat to have even though I don't remember the episode.
Hamato Koji has a cool look and could probably re-use some of the Hamato Yoshi sculpt.
Irma and Burne deserve a release that's not tied to an expensive bundle.

"What-if" style figures:
Panda Khan
Cartoon style Super Shredder
Jennika and Venus - Both could be cool to see in an animated style. Conflicted over whether to just put them in the animated style costumes, or give them the wraps and everything.
Like if, Jennika had the wraps everything, I'd just end up wanting the other 4 with the same.  But maybe just do it as if she'd been designed in '87 to the match the Turtles?

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In no particular order:


1.) Unstable Mutation Monster Turtles from season 9 and 10

2.) Gigantic Herman the Horrible figure with Bork and Dwork

3.) Legend of Koji Shredder variant with horse in a two pack

4.) Doomquest with three dark realm beasts in a bulky four pack

5.) Oroku Saki

6.) Yurikawa Costumer Splinter

7.) Tempestra with three apparitions in a bulky four pack

8.) Draconus with hover ship in a two pack

9.) Gangster four pack (Pinky McFingers, Big Louie etc.)

10.) The four viking clothed turtles (from the episode Northern Lights Out)

11.) HiTech with body armour and without

12.) The four Musketurtles

13.) Captain Dredd

14.) Transport Module Vehicle

15.) Lord Dregg Super Suit variant from season 10

16.) Ninja Warrior Bebop and Rocksteady (from the episode Blast From The Past)

17.) Highbeam

18.) Captain Krulik and Grillox mutant pet in a two pack

19.) Medusa

20.) The Destroyer/Destructor X


That is the beauty of this line, there is still so much more left that can be done!

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I dont think I have 20 but I only want people who appeared on the cartoon


Shredder 2.0 (on a totally new body not based off the comic buck)

Florida Shredder




Lord Dregg



Agatha Marbles

Don Turtelli

Creepy Eddie

Skarrg & Dementor 

Krangazoids (they could use the pizza monster body for most of it)



Turtle Blimp


Drill Transport

Technodrome Playset in the vein of Cats Lair




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Tommy Gun Granny.

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I had no idea Agatha Marbles or Tommy Gun Granny were characters in the TMNT cartoon but god damn if those aren't great names for action figures. I have no idea what they look like but I'm pretty sure I'd buy the two pack if they got made. 

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@hopethisworks the gun granny is from the very first episode. I'm not sure if she has an official name, but the scene was so ludicrous that it's definitely stuck in peoples' minds. I'm a little surprised that NECA hasn't already made her a convention exclusive.

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This line is weird for me in that I don't have a wish list of anything else I want or need but I'd still buy just about anything they would make a figure of.  World building from this cartoon is so much fun.

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@misfit haha that just jogged my memory. I hope she'd come with a shopping cart and groceries.

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