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2024 Power Rangers Top 10 Wants

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If you could only get ten more Power Rangers figures and Hasbro had to make them who would you want to see?

Mine would be...

  1. Divatox
  2. Dino Charge Purple Kendall
  3. Baboo
  4. Squatt
  5. Darkonda
  6. Rito Revolto
  7. Trakeena
  8. Dino Charge Aqua James
  9. Purple Ranger Bulk
  10. Orange Ranger Skull

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Really not much.  For me the PR display is at a good size and don't need it growing any bigger than the one Detolf I have dedicated to it. 

I definitely want Bulk and Skull, not a super-niche morphed version, but in their standard punk looks.  That's really my only absolute want.  

Beyond that I would take Squat, Baboo, and Rito, but I actually don't care as much about these guys as Rita, Zedd, Goldar, Scorpina, and Finster.  These three are the doofuses and I was always sort of indifferent to them.

1995 movie Rangers which I am convinced will happen, but then my PR display would have to spill outside of my Detolf which I'm not sure I want.

The whole Cosmic Fury team or finish the Dino Fury team, either one.  Just because I like that cast.  But then I have the same issue as with the 1995 space.

Yeah, I'm going to make it simple.  I just want Bulk and Skull.

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Life must be so easy for MMPR-only fans*

There are so many teams I want, but if limited to just 10, I think I'd want some villains to finish some seasons.

1. King Mondo

2. Prince Gasket

3. Grumm

4. Orange-Head

5. Blue-Head

6. Krybot

7. Roxy

8. Tronic

9. Beast Morpher Silver (to finish that team) 

10. Beast Morpher Orange (if they *have* to make it) 


* do not confuse with MMPR Only Fans.

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1. Divatox

2. King Mondo

3. Prince Gasket

4. Bulk

5. Skull

6. Boom Comics Death Ranger

7. Yale of Saard Blue Omega Ranger

8. Matthew Cook Green Ranger

9. Ninjor

10. Rito Revolto


These are the top 10 that come straight to mind, I'm sure I'd think of others if I put more thought into it. I'd also be on board for having the Cosmic Fury team, or at least finish of the Dino Fury team. 

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1. Time Force Pink Jen Scotts

2. Samurai Red Lauren Shiba

3. MMPR Green Matthew Cook

4. Cosmic Fury Red Amelia Jones

5. Dino Fury Pink Amelia Jones

6. SPD Green Dragon Shield J.J.

7. Old Man Tommy (from the comic)

8. Lightspeed Rescue Green Joel Rawlings

9. Lightspeed Rescue Red Carter Grayson

10. Turbo Blue Justin (maybe a two pack with kid and adult forms?)

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1. Shellshock

2.Jiraiya/Sheriff Skyfire

3.Black Lion Warrior

4. Goggle Blue

5.Goggle Red

6.Goggle Pink

7.Goggle Black

8.Goggle Yellow

9.Spotmen (the "Putties" of the Dai Sentai Goggle V series)



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OK, I'm refining my list because Cosmic Fury was awesome:



Cosmic Fury Red

CF Green

CF Blue

CF Black

CF Gold

CF Zenith 


CF Orange

CF Master Zedd