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Super7: ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Reptilians Review

Psst! Hey kid! How do you get more figures of (arguably) the best ULTIMATES! figure ever out there? Why, bring out some guys who look an awful lot like him, and just happen to be his subordinates!

Yes! I am many times on the record saying the Slithe is the best ULTIMATES! figure to this point. Yes! He is my favorite ThunderCats character, but I really do believe that in terms of overall construction, likeness, and just plain radness, Slithe is the best. Sitting just above Muckman, Ray Fillet, Junkyard, and a couple others, of course. So, aside from getting a vintage toy version of him (which I still very much hope happens, and SOON!), getting some army builders of his species who look really awesome in their own right is the way to go.

I have to say that, even with my affinity for Slithe, I wasn’t really expecting Super7 to bring out these Reptilians into the ULTIMATES! line. But, it makes a lot of sense. These (reasonably) reuse a lot of parts from Slithe, and by giving us three different types in the Warrior, Guard, and Brute, Super7 rolls out three army builders for basically the price of one (for them) and most of price was paid a few years ago. This is a good combination of fiscally advantageous release for the company to come together with ThunderCats fans like me, who want just about EVERYTHING.

Now, that does not mean that Super7 has not given us plenty of new stuff to make each version fun and interesting, because they have. We have gotten two new portraits, and each release includes both (unfortunately, my Brute came with two of the same head), as well as new unique costume pieces (both plastic and soft goods), and three unique weapons. Add in unique coloring for each, and it makes for a pretty diverse spread of new recruits for Slithe’s Mutant army.

I get it, this might be going a little too deep for some ThunderCats fans, but even if you just want one, you can’t really go wrong. I personally like the Brute the best, but the Guard’s lighter colors and cool club stand out as well. The legions of Reptilians, Jackals, and Monkians were not around for long in the ThunderCats series, but man, if they would have been there, the Mutants might have stood more a chance. Now, I want to the Jackalman and Monkian guys in the line, too.

The ThunderCats U! line is really cooking now, and with Series 7, 8, and 9 on the way, as well as the freakin’ CAT’S LAIR(!!!), this is a nice appetizer for the big year that is going to be 2024. These are shipping directly from Super7 now, but they should be coming from BBTS soon!