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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Totally Awesome Hulk Wave Full Photo Spread and Info

All the pictures and all the details for today’s Marvel Legends Totally Awesome Hulk wave reveal!


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99 / Available: Summer 2023)

Captain Marvel is a powerful solo act, but now has a real shot at redemption as team member of The Marvels! Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES CAPTAIN MARVEL figure. This quality 6-inch scale Captain Marvel figure features deco and design inspired by the character’s appearance in The Marvels! Includes figure, 4 entertainment-inspired accessories and 1 Build-A-Figure part.


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99 / Available: Summer 2023)

Monica Rambeau’s life changed forever at Westview, where her exposure to reality-altering energy imbued her with the power to perceive and manipulate all energy along the electromagnetic spectrum. Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES PHOTON figure. This quality 6-inch scale Photon figure features deco and design inspired by the character’s appearance in The Marvels! Includes figure, 2 entertainment-inspired accessories and 1 Build-A-Figure part.


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99 / Available: Summer 2023)

Kamala Khan has encountered much in her Ms. Marvel adventures, but nothing could prepare her for a cosmic adventure alongside her idol Captain Marvel! Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES MS. MARVEL figure. This quality 6-inch scale Ms. Marvel figure features deco and design inspired by the character’s appearance in The Marvels! Includes figure, 3 entertainment-inspired accessories and 1 Build-A-Figure part.


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99 / Available: Summer 2023)

A Kree warrior from an alternate reality, Noh-Varr aka Marvel Boy is the self-appointed protector of Earth and member of the Young Avengers. Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES MARVEL BOY figure. This quality 6-inch scale Marvel Boy figure features deco and design inspired by the character’s appearance in Marvel comics! Includes figure, 2 comics-inspired accessories and 2 Build-A-Figure parts.


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99 / Available: Summer 2023)

Through mental discipline, the Inhuman known as Karnak has mastered the ability to perceive the flaws and weak points in any person or object. Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES MARVEL’S KARNAK figure. This quality 6-inch scale Karnak figure features deco and design inspired by the character’s appearance in Marvel comics! Includes figure, 2 comics-inspired accessories and 2 Build-A-Figure parts.


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99 / Available: Summer 2023)

Steve Rogers is chosen to take a lead role in global security after the dissolution of Norman Osbron’s corrupt H.A.M.M.E.R. agency. Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES COMMANDER ROGERS figure. This quality 6-inch scale Commander Rogers figure features deco and design inspired by the character’s appearance in Marvel comics! Includes figure, 1 comics-inspired accessory and 1 Build-A-Figure part.


(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99 / Available: Summer 2023)

Following his apparent demise at the hands of Onslaught alongside the other Avengers, Tony Stark returns home with a new armor and new focus. Celebrate the MARVEL UNIVERSE with this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES IRON MAN (HEROES RETURN) figure. This quality 6-inch scale Iron Man figure features deco and design inspired by the character’s appearance in Marvel comics! Includes figure and 4 comics-inspired accessories, including alternate hands and 2 blast FX.

Totally Awesome Hulk Build-Figure

42 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Totally Awesome Hulk Wave Full Photo Spread and Info

  1. Finally another Inhuman. Can’t wait to put him next to my Black Bolt and Medusa. We need the rest of them asap! Crystal and Lockjaw always made the top ten in the fan polls. Just put them in a two pack. Or put Crystal, Triton and Gorgon in a wave with Lockjaw as the BAF.

  2. The heck happened? I look away from the site a couple days and this article turns into a Make Marvel Great Again message board.

    Holy cow, y’all. These characters have had stories written about them every month for decades. There’s no conspiracy to shove diversity down your throat and replace white people. Diversity in media isn’t going away. that being said, not every negative response to a change is based in bigotry.

    New writers/artists trying to make a name for themselves and do something different than the previous 50 people managing these stories are going to eventually do things like, “Loki, but he’s a woman.” And “Spider-Man, but he’s from the future, and he’s got vampire fangs, but he’s not a vampire” and “does the power in Thor’s hammer HAVE to be limited by gender?” (The answer is no, because all of this is made up. Good gravy.)

  3. But wait, if the white people audience decides they don’t like something and don’t spend any money on it, I thought there was supposed to be this other market of non-white people who were just clamoring for representation or whatever. Are you saying that other audience doesn’t actually exist?

  4. Audience reception and sales numbers. Runs getting canceled before they can finish. Broad sweeping changes being walked back. In the other words, the market decides.

    You’re acting like this hasn’t happened before. I’m sure there were tons of weird idiots who really liked all the awful redesigns Marvel heroes got in the late 80s and early 90s, but most people didn’t, and they all went back to looking like they were supposed to shortly thereafter. Turning Jane Foster into Thor is the same as putting Thor in a sleeveless biker jacket and giving him a mullet, and most people didn’t like either of those updates.

  5. “Stop trying to invade spaces.”

    Who made any of us the arbiter, the gatekeeper, of who is accepted into public spaces?

  6. The Nick Spencer run was on Cap was pretty good. Not that people already mad at the endeavor would know.

    No one had an issue with Jon Stewart because it is clearly understood that being a GL isn’t a one person job. Stewart has been around as a GL for a good bit (and the writing on JL was top notch). But people did wonder about Hal. People did side eye it a bit.

    He wasn’t the main character though. I wonder what would have happened if they had made Superman Black.

    The issue never seems to be the presence of Black people…it’s when they are in the primary role (especially if that role is traditionally held by a white person).

    People are cool with John Stewart…as long as he doesn’t get to Hal level. Hell they had to corrupt Hal just to get Kyle Raynor over in the beginning. Which begs the question: with John and Guy already out there…why create a brand new character? Where was the outrage (pre internet I know)?

    What makes Kyle or Jean Paul or Ben Reilly different? Sur they (two for sure) got justified push back….but people stuck around, Marvel/DC let them ride for a bit, and there wasn’t much of a thing about “diversity” and what not. Some are even accepted.

  7. Why was it a failure? Because people (and Marvel) saw there was a issue with the reaction to diversity (couched around “bad writing.”)

    People felt it was shoved down their throats….because POC/women existing in primary roles was just to much.

    There aren’t nor will there ever be enough non white/female readers to replace the primary demographic…white males. So Marvel went with the money and caved.

    It failed because the majority wasn’t going to support it and they blogged/vlogged/cried about it everywhere they could.

    Nick Spencer’s run on Sam Wilson was pretty good….but the “not my Cap” crowd wasn’t going to read it to find out. Not because of bad writing (even though they’ll say that)…but because Cap was Black.

    Jason Aaron’s Thor was good…but again the issue was more with Thor being a female (so it wasn’t writing there)

    Nova was good and people kinda dealt (but they wanted Richard Rider)

    Iron Man was good. I wasn’t a fan of the whole Tony is adopted and what not but it was cool for what it was.

    There was X-men, GoTG, Old Man Logan. and other books that didn’t elicit ire. I wonder why?

    Its plain to see (as it’s all up and down this thread)it isn’t just the writing….it was the presence of nonwhite people taking up a mantle of a white person.

    Despite people being replaced by other people (most of the time other white people) all up and down comic history: it suddenly wasn’t cool now.

    Nothing will ever appease that demographic except one thing comics staying primarily white.

    I can get booed all day. I consider the source(s). Every reply to this comes back to “diversity” in some manner. It’s bad story telling (which would be fine if it stayed there) but always….the dig at “diversity.” Its like the two (to y’all) go hand in hand.

    Which is weird because there have been some really god awful runs that people endured…and diversity wasn’t an issue.

    So it is about bad writing….and a bit more.

    People are literally acting like people are going “I can’t think of what to write…I know!! Let’s just replace a white character with a __________ and it’ll sell like crazy.”

    And I am 100% confident that the people who had a problem with in on paper will also have a problem with it on film (well they already do)…hell they already showed out for Star Wars.

    And it’s funny because there are GENERATIONs of whitewashing of real people that is ignored….but make believe characters….man we gotta put our feet down over that smh

  8. Laughs in every music genre, mathematics, seasonings, hygiene, religion, medicine, and astronomy.

    This sounds like the typical move the goal post argument. When new characters were created (Naomi for example) there was a big stink about “pandering” and “why not use established existing Black characters instead of creating new ones.”

    It also sounds like you aren’t aware of all the Black owned/created comic companies out there. Not surprised.

    “You people….” nice lol

  9. “Blatantly replacing” who? Last I checked the the Big 3 and just about every major Marvel character are still white. Nobody is being replaced.

    Lord people want to be oppressed sooooooooo badly.

    And back issues are still a thing…so if you pining for days of yore, knock yourself out

  10. I know Bucky was white…that’s why it’s always funny because no one had an issue with Bucky replacing Cap….

    and I wonder why.

    Couldn’t be because Bucky Cap was part of a highly acclaimed run and Falcon Cap was just average. Definitely not that.

    You’ll probably lie about this, but when the Justice League cartoon used John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan it wasn’t an issue. Reason? Good writing.

  11. I’d you need a hug, im here. Despite how you are trying to paint me I don’t hate anyone.

    Well maybe you, but in my defense you have shown that you are kind of a dick

  12. You’re the worst kind of person out there: a comic book fan.

    Call it what you want: your words expose you for what you are.

    This is also me: “many cool characters resulted in this experiment ”

    You take parts of a statement and portray it out of context to fit your argument.

    I get it, you hate white people but love comic books. It’s that complexity that makes you so wonderful

  13. “I know you are but what am I?” When you run out of insults, return to the third grade.

  14. You keep throwing the term “incel” around but you clearly don’t know what it means.

    Got news for ya bud, your definition of incels does not amount to enough people to tank an industry. On top of that, if you were being honest you’d admit that “your side” is full of textbook definition incels who are broke, terminally online and more than likely smell of cat p*** that claimed to support stuff like Totally Awesome Hulk but never put their money where their mouth was.

    Here’s the reality: All New All Different Marvel was a failure. No one supported it financially. Not men, not women, not whites, not minorities, not your definition of incels and not the actual definition of incels. It was transplanted into the MCU and now it’s going to kill that as well. Maybe better creators could’ve changed that but the ones they hired are/were too busy doing the exact same thing you’re doing here.

  15. It’s telling that you feel a female character being “elevated” must require her to drop her female moniker so she can adopt one that is more masculine in a general sense as well as literally being a title formerly used by a man (similar to other examples you’ve cited), and also start wearing pants and have short hair and change her entire personality. They didn’t make her suddenly gay, so it’s not a total stereotype, but still. There’s no reason Carol Danvers’ entire character needed to change for her to achieve this so-called elevation, which by the way no one likes.

    If her MCU movie had been about her fighting the Brood in her much cooler black and gold costume, I guarantee it wouldn’t have taken nearly a decade to get a sequel, and she wouldn’t have to share the limelight with people from lame tv shows.

  16. I see most of these (ie: from the new “The Marvels” movie ) ending at severe discount along with their buddies from shang, the eternals (so, so bad) and black panther that cannot be given away. They never sold well here in Australia either. Good bit is that I have shifted my do$h away from anything Marvel to better toys. Of note, the new GoTG wave HAS sold well down here.

  17. Who played the race card? My original post stated an opinion that was more anti-corporate than anything but your FIRST impulse is to assume it’s over a toy of a Korean kid.

    The irony is you keep calling me a racist with racist remarks. You speak of people refusing to do/ be better by being racist. It goes both ways.

    I don’t know who didn’t support those comics. I only know I didn’t. I stopped collecting comics because Marvel kept pumping out variant covers and as a completist, they priced me out of the hobby. Your spouting that white people held COMIC BOOK characters back is laughable and dangerously misguided. How are YOU being / doing better by spreading that message? And why isn’t all this righteousness anger directed at Marvel? Despite all your hyperbole no one else made the call to cancel any comic.

  18. errr.. if you are trying to label me a hater.. you do know Bucky is white correct?

    I have no problem with anyone replacing anyone. But if the character is mishandled and unlikeable then I have every right to not partake.

    So SYH all you like, having an opinion does not make me a racist

  19. Marvel is blatantly replacing us Buddy. They care more about diversity than actual character development. So do you. And Bucky was cool because he was a warrior and life long friend of cap. Jane wasn’t. And by the time falcon did it, it had already been done.

  20. Buddy calm down. You see so passionate. You people are too dumb to create your own stuff so you have to commandeer stuff the white man made. Do you love black panther? Thank the white man. I have no problem with adding different characters of different races but when you race swap existing characters it’s just lazy. You sound like a racist bigot that hates white people.

  21. Great advice…you should have taken it with that first post you did…

  22. This is you right: “Replacing all your established characters for characters of color just for sales (or lack of as it turned out) was transparent and poorly executed.” Those your words?
    Sounds like you bought some color to the discussion…hence why we are here.

    I never called you “racist.” Nor have I said anything “racist.” (as if Black people can be “racist: lol)

    I have (correctly) laid the burden of responsibility as to why the endeavor failed at the feet of the people who screamed/cried/blogged/vlogged/protested about it….white dudes.

    It only goes one way (and I’m including Stephens parroting that bs in with y’all so equality wins). Black fans like me have been reading comics with primary white characters with no issue. Faithfully, loyally, month in and month out. For. Years. Some of y’all couldn’t handle it for a frickin month before it became comicsgate.

    Both sides are responsible. Spoiled (white/sunken place) fanboys for being awful and using loaded language to express their displeasure and Marvel for caving into that divisive nonsense and giving them what they wanted back.

    I know who didn’t support the endeavor….and they were overwhelming white (with smatherings of trash pandas parroting)…sooooooo what’s that tell you? I know because they weren’t any type of shy sharing it.

    You’re either being accidently foolish or willfully ignorant about this…and I honestly don’t know which is worse.

  23. So you know my comic pedigree? You know when I started reading BP? The Priest run is the god tier to me. I managed to read it before the MCU was a thing.

    Hell I was all about Milestone and saw how they got treated by Wizard and the mainstream comic market despite having stellar stories, art, and shipping on fricking time.

    It doesn’t burn me up…it just allows me to see the hypocrisy. If a sucky story about Carnage gets better traction than a female being elevated to a level that reflects her power level…then I know where and what the issue is….and it’s not with her.

    Again y’all being okay with mediocrity (as long as it stars certain people exclusively) rather than be open to other things is why we can’t have nice things.

  24. Your ignorance reminds me of a quote that perfectly sums up every word you have written:

    “Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”

    Enjoy being a terrible person, it’s too bad you have so much hate in your life

  25. Wow, if I took a snort of heroin for every time some empty-headed charlatan said “do better” my brain would’ve melted into brown sludge in 2013 when I was still reading people’s blogs. Maybe you should’ve cared as much about Black Panther and Shang Chi as I did when I was a kid, a decade before these movies ruined them forever. But no, you’re a certified Disney adult who needed big-budget, sanitized garbage to inform you that those characters even existed in the first place and give you the courage to publicly display that all your interests are exactly the same as everyone who can’t stop using twitter and has a whole essay prepared anytime someone suggests Steve Rogers is the better and more popular version of Captain America.

    It must really burn you up that people would rather read a poorly scripted event series about Carnage murdering 1000 in New York people again, just like in the 90s, than anything related to Carol Danvers since she stopped being Ms. Marvel. But that’s just the way it is. Stop trying to invade spaces.

  26. I know Bucky was white…that’s why it’s always funny because no one had an issue with Bucky replacing Cap….

    and I wonder why.

    Sam Wilson was/is “unlikeable?”

    Jane Foster is “unlikeable?”

    You can have whatever opinion you want…just don’t be surprised when you get called out when your opinion mirrors the opinion of incels.

    If you standing on their side and you don’t want to be lumped in with them….maybe relook at your opinion and see why y’all standing together.

    It doesn’t mean you have to have like the push…but you might want to relook/be honest about what got you. Marvel has done waaaaayyyy worse things (Secret Empire/Civil War 2) that don’t get the kind of smoke the All New All Different event gets/got

  27. It flopped because why? Because a certain demographic wanted to be oppressed so badly they acted like Marvel was blatantly replacing them.

    And who was the overwhelmingly group not supporting it? What did they look like? What did they not do in the shower lol. When they season their food…is it just with salt and pepper?

    Who was it?

    There a plethora of written and video evidence of a certain sect of people (who mostly had ancestors who came here from Europe) crying, complaining, ranting, and being outright load and wrong incels going on a crusade about Marvel having the audacity to have someone not white in a starring role. Hell the Nick Spencer Captain America run used that mentality as a foundation of the run.

    Lol “race card.” Next you’ll be hollering about “woke.”

    There are lots of comics in the “bargain bin.” I can clean up on crappy runs featuring loads of white leads so idk what you’re “point” is there.

    You and I both know who killed that attempt. You can try to cry “race card” or whatever all you want. The Clone Saga sucked like hell and no one pulled it. Batman, Superman, Captain America, Avengers have had HORRID runs and they weren’t aborted. Hell lets not get into Chuck Austen’s god awful X-men debacle….Marvel let those go.

    But this one…yeah…certain people showed all the way out. And sensible comic book fans took note. And sadly it wouldn’t be the last time y’all got out of pocket.

  28. It’s almost like Black folks/females weren’t a part of the genre until what 2010 I guess. SMH

    The thing that killed that whole new Marvel was….incels and their crusade against anyone other than white folks existing on paper. They cried the thing to death and made it such it a stink/political issue (which it wasn’t) that it was just better (sadly) to throw them a pacifier and go back to the status quo rather than tell them to rightfully kick rocks and go back issue diving.

    Sam Wilson has been around since 1969. Jane Foster was 1962. Cho was truthfully the newest character…so no one was created just to have a Black Captain America or a Female Thor. These were legacy folks.

    Man stop. The comic community is lost because some folks just refuse to be/do better.

    Like I said…it’s pretty sad when people are okay with aliens/mutants/robots/cyborgs/Mole people or whatever…but scream bloody murder when a person of color or woman shows up somewhere outside of a background character.

  29. Wow, you see racism everywhere. It can’t be anything other than bigotry for you? Check the numbers, Marvel will even admit their experiment flopped.

    And since you are in that sect of butt hurt fans that immediately play the race card when your feelings get hurt, you can check the bargain bin, where most of those comics from that era can be found

  30. Imagine stepping into a “community” after it’s already existed for like 100 years and having the gall to say “it’s lost”. It certainly is, though not for the reasons you think.

    But hey, enjoy your mass appeal, diminishing returns, CGI-shitfest movies that keep getting plopped out into theaters. That way you can keep pretending you care about comics while you keep ignoring all the female and non-white heroes and villains that already existed for decades in favor of the tumblr blogger-created ones from the past 10 years that you have a bunch of funko pops of. We forgive you.

  31. Yes, Karnak! Been wanting a fig of him for so long.

    Heroes Return IM will be good to add to the armoury.

    And I never got the Toybiz Commander Rogers but I’m going to have to compare the two and decide which I like best. Represents a certain era in Cap’s history. I wonder, will they ever do a Nomad fig?

    Haven’t been keeping up with the rest, so I can skip those.

  32. It only hurt because a butthurt sect allowed their bias and bigotry to fly on various outlets. Imagine being fine with aliens, robots, gods, demigods, and whatever but a nonwhite/female character is just to much.

    I am amazed that “pandering” is still the go to defense as to why moves in a way to appeal to a broader audience are bad.

    The comic community lost as a whole.

    But hey, if it bothers some of y’all so much….plenty of back issues are available for y’all to be content with while the rest of us move forward with representation.

  33. So you were in the office when someone said that’s why they were doing it? You heard someone say “You know what would really sell like crazy….POC/Female everything?”

    Cho was probably the newest of the bunch so idk what you’re on. It may have worked but sadly….a certain sect of the fandom took to every outlet they could and cried about the audacity of nonwhite/female characters existing/”replacing” their heroes because of “pandering” or “forced diversity”.”

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

    I happy with this wave: grabbing Captain Marvel and Photon especially.

    Bet you saw no problem when Bucky was Cap smh

  34. Snooze. It inarguably hurt the writing and sales quite demonstrably. On top of that, these moves are almost always ultimately lateral, catering to nothing more than a different group of white people than the previous group of white people more than any other demographic you’d care to name. Only that new group is always much smaller than the former one. It’s cheap feelgoodism, no different than cheap sexuality or cheap Liefeldism or cheap overuse of Symbiotes. It’s just a trend. And as both Marvel and DC have perpetrated similar pandering efforts about 30 times each in the past ten+ years, and they almost always crashed and burned, at this point your idealism rings as hollow as theirs.

  35. So close to adding to the classic New Warriors! Or restarting the Dark Avengers. What look does this represent for Marvel Boy?

  36. I respect that you didn’t enjoy the era.
    I’d argue that although it may have been sales-driven, because corporate’s gonna corporate, having a diverse line up of established, heroic names is only helpful to those who have historically been disadvantaged re: visibility and representation.
    Were there missteps in attempting representation? Perhaps. But who are we asking, and who do we really listen to when we ask the question?
    Championing diverse representation is only right, hurts no one, and I hope it continues in every medium we enjoy.

  37. Great wave. The only figure I’m lukewarm on is Amadeus Hulk as this era of Marvel was a low point IMO. Replacing all your established characters for characters of color just for sales (or lack of as it turned out) was transparent and poorly executed. Though many cool characters resulted in this experiment, it took new writing teams and going back to the drawing board for them to stick.

    This wave is a nice mix of movie and comic and that hits the main cast as well as gets some classic versions of comic characters in our hands.

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