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Boss Fight Studio: Strawberry Shortcake Series 1 First Look

Things are getting berry sweet around the Fwoosh Offices, and berry different, too! Boss Fight Studio is getting to release a new series of figures based off of the classic 1980s property Strawberry Shortcake.

We cover a lot of nostalgia properties here at the site. A part of that is we still enjoy those properties from our youth, but they are also the subject to some of the best collector-focused action figure lines right now. There is no argument that things like Masters of the Universe, TMNT, ThunderCats, G.I.Joe and others are some of the biggest toy properties from the decade of decadence, but there are many more that are just as important that don’t often get the same attention from our primary toy makers. Characters like Rainbow Brite, Jem, and Strawberry Shortcake are all properties that I have varying degrees of familiarity, but not a ton of nostalgic attachment. I will say, my friend from across the street growing up had a younger sister, and she had some Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and that strawberry scent is like a core memory for me, so as weird as it sounds, I was excited to relive that when these samples arrived. 

As you would expect, these new figures come with the fantastic care and quality that is synonymous with BFS, and it’s pretty neat to be able to add these characters to a collection that is so entrenched in their era of origin. I have several figures, and even some whole lines that I did not collect as a kid that I either always wanted to, or I wanted to have that important representation in my collection. I love collecting something for the first time and finding all of the little details and (often) obscure lore or hallmarks that made a property of toy line what it was. 

These figures have that classic feel to them, but with some real modern sensibilities and alterations to take them from their original very-much-doll forms (with a lot of soft goods and batting, etc.). The amount of articulation and scheme matches what you expect from a collector line in 2023, and there are tons and tons of accessories and swappable parts to provide a great value. I know there have been some reboots of the property over the years, but if you are looking for that classic iconography with a build to match a current collection, these are best Strawberry and friends have ever been.

This first series features Strawberry Shortcake and her cat Custard, Orange Blossom with Marmalade, Lime Chiffon with Parfait, and Huckleberry Pie with Pupcake. I think this is a really strong intro back into the property, and the diverse colors and details show just how varied this property really is. All of the characters are based off of a berry/fruit/dessert concept, and those concepts are projected thematically in the figures from colors, to shapes, to SMELLS. Yes, the smells, people! You didn’t think Boss Fight forgot about that did you? Well, I am happy to report each of these figures has a “Berry Sweet Scent” that will knock you right back to your childhood. I think Strawberry and Huckleberry have the stronger and possibly more recognizable scents, Lime Chiffon and Orange Blossom get in on the action, too. AND IT IS GREAT. ABSOLUTELY GREAT.

I will say a bit about each individual figure below, but I want to mention that I really love the thematic choices and accessories that unite these characters. I mentioned the scents, but the colors are just wonderful as well. Nothing is muted or made “realistic” – these are TOYS and they are toy colors. I am a big supporter of bright toys, and these certainly fit that. Additionally, the pattern of everyone having a pet/sidekick is something I appreciate, but it doesn’t stop there. Each figure has an ice cream/sherbet/sorbet treat that matches their color, as well as an appropriate fruit basket, spoon, colored stand, and comb. The latter of which are individually molded so that the proper fruit is represented on the handle. I love these types of cues to establish strong play patterns in toys, and BFS has done a nice job here with individual pieces and reuse. Of course there are swappable hands and face plates, too. Now, that is not to say that there aren’t fully-specific character accessories and pieces, but I will get to them below. 


The main character sets the standard and pattern for the line here, just like you would expect. The character and costume details take their cues from, you guessed it – STRAWBERRIES, and that is shown in everything from her apron, to her hair color and shape, to her iconic hat. I have mentioned some the accessories above, but she also has a watering can, and shortcake dessert plate to join the comb, stand, basket, spoon, and swappable parts. Custard, like all the pets, is a slug figure and does not feature any articulation, but they are rendered perfectly.


Of all of the figures in the first series, I think Orange my be my overall favorite. There are definitely some things from the rest that I love, but the specific accesses and unique Marmalade butterfly pet really put this figure over. Orange Blossom is an artist, so she comes with a easel, paint brush, and palette. I LOVE the “concentrating” face plate that comes with the figure – it gives her a perfect look for being mid-painting and it will most certainly be the default face on my shelf. I will take this movement to mention that if I had one warning about these figures it is to be careful when swapping the faces. I broke a peg on two of the figures trying to force popping the plates off. A bit more patience would have avoided this, so take my mistake as a lesson learned for when your figures arrive.


Doing a bit of research, I have found that, of all the characters in this first series, Lime is probably the most obscure. That is not to say that she is a deep cut, but she just doesn’t tend to show up as much as the other three. I love that she is included in this series because it hopefully means that one spot in each wave will be for a lesser-known character to get their time in the spotlight. All that said, I think Lime is adorable and the green color palette appeals to my personal color preferences quite well. The open-mouth smile works really well for her, and it almost makes her look a bit younger than the other characters, which is cool. Her bunch of balloons is a really fun accessories, and BFS considered the heft of this piece and included a stand for them that is much-appreciated. Parfait is some manner of green bird, maybe a parrot, but I like how the eye shape matches the flowers on Lime Chiffon’s dress.


Finally, the fun-loving Huckleberry Pie rounds out the wave, and his dog might just have the best name ever. I am not sure I have ever had a Huckleberry before, but I love the wink that his name gives to being a manner of sidekick to Strawberry Shortcake. Huckleberry likes to fish, so he comes with a fishing pole and catch, as well as a slice of pie to go along with the more overall thematic pieces. For me, the closed eye smiling face works best here, but like all the figures, it is nice to have the options. 

This is a REALLY strong opening salvo from Boss Fight, and if you are a longtime fan of Strawberry Shortcake, these are going to be so awesome. Even if you are not, this is a super fun line to jump into, and the overall quality, colors, scents, and accessories make it top drawer. I am already having a fun time sharing these with my kiddos, and we already can’t wait for more. The Peculiar Purple Pie Man is an EXTREMELY underrated 80s villain, so fingers crossed we will see him in series two. Also, Blue Berry Muffin. My youngest’s favorite color is blue, she is REALLY pulling for her now.


*Thanks to Boss Fight Studio for sending these along for a feature.

4 thoughts on “Boss Fight Studio: Strawberry Shortcake Series 1 First Look

  1. love them. they are wonderful and I collect the 80’s dolls and usually stick with that. not this time, I hope to get all of them! all series too. I love that Huck gets a fish with him.

  2. ah yes, my sister had Strawbery Shortcakes growing up. And I have some positive nostalgic memories of them. Yeah, the smells! Also kind of fond of Purple Pieman and the little pets they came with.

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