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Mattel: Masters of the Universe Origins Snake Mountain

This detailed Masters of the Universe™ Origins playset is inspired by the Snake Mountain lair in the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia™. It was created as an homage to the ’80s, but with a bigger and better, more modern design. 

In front, a huge snake with animation styling dominates the top with multiple points of articulation and a hinge jaw that can pick up Origins figures or knock them off the upper platform. Stairs and walkways have been widened to accommodate Origins figures, with additional foot pegs added for easier placement. A detachable bridge is included as a single piece to link both sides of the mountain when open and soft-plastic shackles are placed with easy grip on unfortunate prisoners. 

Once inside, extensive features include a trap door, removable dungeon with two different placement options, Skeletor™ throne, “acid pool” and escape tunnel. To get to the throne, figures must survive the trap door, bypass the rotating wolf head and the intimidating, removable spider. If caught, they may end up in the prison or worse, the acid pool where added pegs allow for modular placement of figures or creatures. Escape through the full tunnel with soft plastic vine coverings, but beware – Skeletor’s henchmen can gear up with additional weapons rack and accessories.

On-Shelf Release Timing: Late Fall 2023

Presale Begins: MOTU Day – April 28th, 2023

Link for online retail pre-purchase: