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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Ronan the Accuser Review

J’accuse! He accuses you! He accuses them! It appears the Hasbro Marvel Legends team was tired of Ronan’s accusations that they have been ignoring is iconic comic look in the line. Well, now he can just accuse himself of having a pretty fun action figure.

With Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume Three on cusp of release, we are starting to see the Marvel Legends that support that new flick hit the retail shelves. There is no denying that Ronan the Accuser played a pivotal role in launching the franchise success. We got the MCU movie version of Ronan awhile back, but finally getting the iconic comic look serves as a perfect product lead-in to keep the name recognition, but offer a new version.

For comic-based figure and Fantastic Four fans alike (hey, I am BOTH!), this is also a great release. Even though Ronan has moved into the Guardians corner in the public eye, I always consider him to a part of the F4 rogues gallery. Now, he can certainly be both of those things and more, because he actually is, but the F4 corner has always been my top priority in Marvel Legends, so I have been ready to welcome this figure with open arms.

If you have been with ML for a minute, you will remember that *technically* this is not the first comic Ronan in the line. There was a BAF offered in the early Hasbro days that was based on a more modern take of the character, and it was an okay figure. However, for those of us who have that classic version of the character burned into our brains, that version was never really going to do. Now, we have a new offering that successfully captures the iconography of the character, while keeping him mostly classic.

This deluxe figure is categorized as such primarily because it is big. Ronan has some reuse from previous figures (I think I see some Colossus there, but I have gotten so bad at identifying parts like that), that is mostly appropriate. This figure is tall, which is fine, but it is also really chonky, so be prepared for a thicc boi Ronan. For me, this works just fine. I am not at all caught up by the fact that he is maybe a little more buff than I typically picture him – the classic Kirby design and costume lines lend themselves to him being big and imposing.

The articulation is what you would expect, and pretty standard for a Marvel Legends figure. Also as you may expect, some of the joints like the neck and shoulders are a little limited in their ranges of movement by virtue of the character design. This holds the most true with the neck, but since the shoulder pads are on little nub hinges and are removable, you can get a bit more movement there, but pieces might position in an awkward was in doing so. I will point out that the elbows, wrists, and knees (at least on this particular figure) are REALLY strong and tight, so a hot soak might benefit him a bit upon unboxing.

That said, I love the colors and aforementioned Kirby design notes that come through with this figure. Sure, he is mostly monochromatic, but the different tones and sheens help to make for an interesting and eye-catching look, and the line work adds just the right amount of complexity to keep your focus moving. His hammer (the lone accessory) works well, too, and can facilitate a variety of poses both one-handed and two.

Overall, I am pretty happy with FINALLY getting an iconic Ronan the Accuser in Marvel Legends. As I said, whether you love the Fantastic Four, Guardians, or Marvel in general, Ronan will play an important part in you collection, so don’t sleep on this figure. You can still order him HERE.

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