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Fresh Monkey Fiction: Cops N Crooks Mini-Figure Five Pack Review

It’s tiny crime fightin’ time.

This is going to be a miniature review for some miniature figures. There is so little COPS N CROOKS merchandise out there that if something comes along, it deserves a look.

COPS, as it is often shortened, was a toyline, a comic, a cartoon and a brief light that burned out all too fast. The toys debuted at a time when the toy aisles were suffocating under the sheer weight of properties being pumped out. They featured excellent articulation for the time, with an articulation scheme reminiscent of vintage GI Joes.

While not the updated 1/12th scale toyline I think any COPS fan is hoping for, I had to buy this set of mini-figures just for the sheer COPSness of it. The COPS fan in me needed it, the MUSCLE fan in me needed it, and who am I to argue with either of them?

Featuring the (arguably) highest profile characters, this five figure set of stylized designs is a fun shelf or desk display piece. The designs are obviously cartoony, but still manage to get across the essence of each character. There’s a dynamic quality to the sculpts, so even though they’re just standing there, they still manage to evoke their personality or gimmick.

Representing the good guys, the COPS, you’ve got Bulletproof Vess and Longarm.

Bulletproof was…bulletproof, due to his metal torso.

Longarm had launching handcuffs.

On the bad guy side, you’ve got the big boss of the CROOKS, aptly named Big Boss. If Edward G Robinson and the Kingpin had a kid, it would be Big Boss.

Buttons McBoomBoom is just your average gangster with a pair of machine guns in his chest. He must have awful heartburn.

Dr. Badvibes is the mad scientist of the group, complete with exposed brain. He looks like he’s in the middle of shouting “It’s alive!!”

I like that they actually gave him an exposed skull underneath clear plastic, true to the original figure.

I opted for the color set, but they’re also available in pink and green.

I don’t know how likely it is, but I’d definitely continue buying sets of five for as long as it took to get the entire run of figures (there’s weren’t too many) in this style.

Plus, a new modern toyline, in case I didn’t mention that.  

So yeah, these are fun.