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Super7: Disney ULTIMATES! Series 2 Fantasia Hyacinth Hippo

The second series of Super7’s Disney ULTIMATES! continues with another entrant from the seminal Fantasia. The every elegant ballerina and the object Ben-Ali Gator’s affection, Hyacinth Hippo give us our largest Disney ULTIMATES figure to date.

When this series was announced, I must admit that Hyacinth was the most unexpected reveal for me. It made sense that Super7 would continue to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Fantasia, but I didn’t even really consider her to be much of an option due to her fleeting moments, and well, her pretty massive size. However, as often happens with the release of a new wave, Hyacinth has snuck in as my favorite of the group. Sure, Robin Hood is my guy, and like his figure quite a bit, but Hyacinth is something else, and I think you will still be pretty taken by the sheer size of this figure in -hand.

The box for this figure is significantly larger than the typical box, and it is needed to not only hold the figure, but all of the accessories/swappable parts included. There are plenty of swappable hands, THREE massive heads, the powder jar and puff, mirror, grapes, and swappable feet and tutu so you can essentially go from Hyacinth to one of her attendants in a quick swap. The heads are really differentiated but the mouth positions: closed, slightly opened, and all the way opened. Each one is very expressive, so you will be able have her dancing with glee as easily as eating grapes. Be careful though, you should absolutely heat up the heads before swapping them, they fit VERY tightly on the neck peg.

The articulation is pretty functional, but her design will limit the movement of the arms a bit. I will say that the joints feel strong and even after moving them around quite a bit to take pictures, they have not loosened much, if at all. This is important for all action figures, but especially those of this size. I actually like the mid-torso joint quite a lot as it can supplement the movement in her neck, especially with the open-mouthed heads. it hides well, too beneath the tutus.

The Disney ULTIMATES! line has given us quite a variety shapes and sizes in only two assortments, and from Pinocchio to Hyacinth, there is a lot of range here. Now she just waits for her dance partner Ben-Ali Gator in series three. If you did not pre-order Hyacinth you can still get her at BBTS.

*Thanks to Super7 for sending this figure along for a feature.