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Jada Toys: Universal Monsters The Wolf Man Review

You better stay away from him, he’ll rip your lungs out Jim! Jada is back with more Universal Monsters six inch, super-articulated figures and today we’re taking a look at the hairy handed gent, who ran amok in Kent, The Wolf Man! Ah-wooooooo!

The box is similar to the previous boxes in the line with a large window and the Universal Monsters and Wolf Man logo up front, some nifty stylized monster artwork on the side, and a small cross-sell and large amount of legal warnings on the back.

The figure comes with two sets of hands (claw and grip), two heads, a bear trap, and a cane. In the movie, Larry Talbot buys the cane from his love interest and it is ultimately used to kill him, so it’s great thing to have, though not really something the Wolf Man himself uses if I recall correctly. Even so, it fits in the right grip hand perfectly and is a little loose in the left. The cane has a wolf and pentagram on the head that’s painted a bright silver and there is a bit of black overspray to bring out the detail

The bear trap is also featured in the movie and is cast in a silvery-gray plastic and has a brown overspray. There is a real chain attached and the jaws of the trap can hinge shut. There is a neat pitted metal texture in the sculpting that I think would look great repainted gun metal with a dark wash.

The hands come in grip and claw varieties and swap easily, but stay on securely. The claws are painted a bone color somewhat haphazardly, some are perfect and some slightly miss the mark. The right grip hand is a closed grip to better hold the cane while the left hand is slightly more open.

The heads have two similar expressions, one with his lower teeth bared and an angrier one with both lower and upper teeth out. Basically one is the Wolf Man in running around mode and the other is attack mode. The heads are pretty much the same aside from expression and swap easily. It looks to me like there is a wash and a bit of dry brush on the fur and the heads do a great job capturing the overall feel of the Universal Wolf Man if not slavishly photo-realistic.

The sculpting is good with some solid clothing wrinkle and texture detail along with sharp fur detail. I do think that some of the shirt details could stand to be a little deeper and more three dimensional, specifically his pockets and shirt buttons.

The proportions and overall silhouette are great and he feels solidly powerful without straying into super-hero territory. The feet are flat, and while he walks on his toes in the movie, this does make for more solid posing.

The articulation is very good. I especially like the range of motion that the combination of the waist and mid-torso ball and socket joints achieve. The Wolf Man has:

  • Ball and Socket head, lower neck, mid-torso, and waist
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Swivel biceps and thighs

The only criticism I have is that the bicep swivel is just a straight cut and not really integrated into the sculpting.

Paint is good and I especially appreciate the wash on the fur and the dark oversprays on the outfit. I think the fingernail paint can be a little sloppy and might look better if they had a brown wash.

Overall I love this figure and I appreciate that Jada made improvements from wave one in articulation and sculpting with this new wave. The Wolf Man is a ton of fun to play with and pose and he goes great with Marvel Legends, G.I. Joe Classified, and of course, the rest of the Jada Universal Monster figures.

4 thoughts on “Jada Toys: Universal Monsters The Wolf Man Review

  1. While I like that he has double jointed knees and elbows, I think the NECA figure is just better overall. The lack of Larry parts aside, NECA’s wolf heads are far more accurate to what appears on screen. This Jada version looks more like a stylized version as opposed to be from the movie.

  2. Great pics, Matt! You are making me want this guy, even though I prefer my werewolves more monstrous. (Think Dog Soldiers or the Howling.) I also greatly appreciate the Warren Zevon call out! I hope you and your family have a great holiday season!

  3. Where are people finding these Jada figures? I found the first wave at Midwest box stores called Meijers but there’s been no sign of the Wolfman or Invisible Man.

    I’ve seen remnants of the first wave at local comic book shops but with a huge mark up.

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