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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Fanstream Reveals 12/06/22

14 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends Fanstream Reveals 12/06/22

  1. Emma’s portrait looks to be very close to the John Cassaday art style. I think it looks better sculpted than drawn.

  2. I love these x-uniforms but the straps on the men’s legs are too high. They should be like the women’s: above the knee. With this sculpt, Forge’s cyber leg is inaccurate; it should stop at the knee with the straps (he doesn’t have any).
    Also, the blue on the shorts should be black.

    I know, I’m nitpicking.

  3. Wow, X-Men overload…I love it!

    Generation X! Very excited to see them. I loved that book as a kid.

    Monet’s face looks a bit odd, but otherwise the figure looks good.

    Chamber looks great, but the paint on the flames is too concentrated on the front on the “in hand” figure; it looks as if he has a beard. I hope he has an alternate bandaged face. While this outfit looks cool, I wish he was in the team uniform like on the cover of Generation X #1 and multiple trading cards, and the vintage Toy Biz figure.

    They were on a roll with Monet, Chamber and Banshee, so seeing Emma from another era with them, instead of her Gen-X pants suit, is a bit weird. I hope we don’t have to wait long to complete this team. Gen-X Emma, Husk, Penance, Synch, Skin, Jubilee

    Starjammers! 90s Hepzibah when? She can share tooling with X-Factor Wolfsbane and X-Force Feral to finally complete those teams. Can’t wait to see Ch’od.

    Banshee looks great. Very grateful for the two head sculpts. I wish Siryn had been so lucky.

    The Blob is totally perfect.

    Outback Rogue looks pretty good.

    Psylocke’s new head sculpt is nice, but she seriously needs new hands with better psychic-knives sculpted on.

    Gambit needs new charged card effects.

    My wallet needs more charge cards.

  4. More than mildly irked, on my part. I’m moderately miffed.

    Psylocke is in need of new hands with the psychic knives as part of the sculpt, so they can have a more defined, streamlined, “sharp” shape. And a new psychic butterfly that actually resembles her trademark psychic butterfly.

    And Gambit really needs new, bigger charged-card throwing effects.

    I thought doing multi-packs afforded them a bigger budget for accessories? Don’t know where I got that impression.

    Jean Grey needs new telekinetic effects.

    Every Cyclops should have an optic blast, even if they just reuse the Retro blast piece.

    And yes, Jubilee needs sparklies.

  5. I know this scratches a particular itch for a lot of X-men fans and good they’re re-releasing Blob. He was hard to get the first time around. Very excited for Chamber. Quentin looks cool, but I would think his first appearance look would have been a bigger draw.
    The lack of investment in effects pieces over the years is really starting to mildly irk. Mild irking going on over here, Hasbro! This is the third(?) Jubilee figure and we still don’t have a proper fireworks effect? And gambit doesn’t have a glowing staff after three figures? Alt hands for Emma with diamond transition?

  6. that should be Ch’od as the BAF, right ? If so, he and other Starjammers are definitely in my most wanted. And Corsair is long overdue, so hey, we’re well on our way! Quentin doesn’t quite have the look I’d have wanted, but fine. Emma has reverted to being ugly again, apparently. (She swings wildly back and forth in these figures, doesn’t she?) Blob seems kind of superfluous… the old BAF seems fine to me! And Chamber looks cool.

  7. Given that Daken is now using Fangs costume and name, really easy extra head/hands to pack in

  8. I really hope they release Banshee down the line in his green and yellow colors – those sideburns are epic!! All in all, pretty nice reveals today. My only gripe is Emma’s headsculpt.

    Fang’s head is kind of creeping me out. It reminds me of Ernest Borgnine’s transformation in The Devil’s Rain.

  9. I don’t need any of these, although I’ll grab Emma Frost if I ever see her in store or on clearance. Happy for X-men fans, though.

  10. THAT’S my Rogue. And I’ve been itching for an Astonishing Emma! Plus both Monet and Kid Omega? Dang it Hasbro; I’m trying to quit, but you just knocked out several of my top ten most wanted figures…

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