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Super7: ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Series 7 Now Available For Pre-Order

ThunderCats – HOOOOOOOOO! A new series of ULTIMATES! from Super7 is now available for pre-order, and for me, this is the best assortment yet.

Super7 teased this assortment at New York Comic Con and it is now available for order. Snarf, Willa, Ratar-O, and Mongor make up the slate, and they are available now from Super7. Watch other retailers like Big Bad Toy Store making them available later this afternoon.



via Super7:

Super7’s latest wave of 7” scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! is nothing to snarf at! Including Mongor, Ratar-O, Willa, and – yes, finally! – Snarf, all with interchangeable heads & hands and multiple accessories, these made-to-order figures belong in any quality ThunderCats collection!


Snarf may not be the mightiest warrior on the ThunderCats team, but he has proven time and again that he can hold his own against the evilest of foes! This 7” scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figure of Snarf features interchangeable heads & hands, his satchel, Candy Fruit, the Sword of Omens, Claw Shield, and a piece that allows him to be posed standing on his tail! Snarf is an invaluable member of the team, and this made-to-order ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figure can be an equally worthy addition to your collection!


As Queen of the Warrior Maidens, Willa has become an important ally of the ThunderCats and will challenge any threat to Third Earth! This 7” scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figure of Willa features interchangeable heads & hands and accessories including her bow, arrows, quiver, removable dagger, and her tree spider Bushy. If Willa can handle the responsibility of keeping the natural balance of Third Earth, then her made-to-order ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figure will do the same for your collection!


Rats and cats are natural enemies so it’s no surprise that the mutant commander Ratar-O is always looking for a way to take down the ThunderCats! Standing almost 8” tall, this ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figure of Ratar-O features interchangeable heads & hands, the Rat’s Eye daggers, and multiple dagger effects. You won’t need a trap to snag this made-to-order ThunderCats ULTIMATES figure of Ratar-O!


If the goat-like demon Mongor strikes fear in your heart then you’re going to be in trouble! Standing almost 9” tall, this ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figure of Mongor features interchangeable heads & hands, his scythe, and multiple weapon-effects. Bravery can weaken mighty Mongor so if you have the courage to get his made-to-order ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figure, then you probably have what it takes to keep him from threatening the rest of your collection!

7 thoughts on “Super7: ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Series 7 Now Available For Pre-Order

  1. All looking good. I’m glad Snarf’s eyes are the right color, and the tail/stand is a great addition. The energy effects on Ratar-O’s daggers look fantastic; I like how they cover only the blades’ edge.

    Still hoping for Wizz-Ra soon.

  2. Yeah…. Such a shame…. The figure ended up looking too “flat” and she had no “musculature” like the female bodies used on Marvel Legends…. I LOVED Thundercats more than Masters of The Universe. Feel disappointed we are not getting the same level… Oh Well!

  3. I want to send Hasbro images of Super7’s Snarf and just ask how come we couldn’t get this for Spider-Ham. I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.

  4. Yes, definitely cartoony.
    I had such high hopes for Cheetara, and received her a few months ago. But I can’t bring myself to take her out of the package- I just feel a wave of disappointment when I look at her.

  5. I think she looks waaaaaaaay too cartoony…. The original LionO leaned on the “realistic” side…. To be honest…. Not feeling this line.

  6. There’s something off about Willa’s portrait and I can’t place it. Maybe the eyes need to be a bit narrower?
    And Mongor looks like an excellent Krampus stand-in for the December holidays.

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