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Hasbro: Fortnite Victory Royale Motorboat

One nice thing about the lack of marketing for this line is that it feels like I don’t have to wait as long for the new stuff between knowing it exists and getting it in hand. We saw the Fortnite Motorboat on the European Pulse site not too long ago, so I was surprised to see it available in hand at SDCC last month. I’m always on the lookout for 1/12 scale vehicles, so I had to grab one. Let’s take a look!

The box has a striking illustration on the front and some renders on one side and the back to show what actually comes in the box. I like the drawing a whole hell of a lot, in fact it does make me wish that they had included a rocket launch blast effect and maybe some booster jets as depicted here.

The boat comes with a stand and a removeable missile. It is pretty light on accessories, so I would have liked some blast effects, but on the other hand, the stand is pretty massive at around 16.5 inches.

The rocket pegs into a hole on the rocket launcher section of the boat and is cast in a bright yellow plastic.

The stand has a great watery feel to the the sculpting and is cast in a lovely translucent blue plastic. The boat rests on the stand in such a way that it appears to be almost blasting out of the water and leaving a wake. It’s great for a shelf display and I especially like the way the propulsion unit on the bottom of the boat sits in the hole at the back of the stand so you can see it through the blue translucent plastic and it looks like it is churning up the water.

The boat doesn’t quite sit flat without the stand because of the white propulsion unit, so I’m glad for the stand. The boat itself is a great match for the game model with one exception and I especially like the simple graphic control panels. It’s also pretty big at around 19 inches long and 8 inches wide.

Due to the functionality of having the jet engines flip out and up from the body, there is a bit of extra plastic under the engines that you don’t see in the game.

The boat has few moveable parts besides the flip out booster engines and removeable rocket. There is also a swivel wheel and chair and the rope on the winch on the back also spins.

There are four foot pegs to help secure a squad behind the seat or on the back deck of the boat. Most figures I have from the Victory Royale series can drive the boat, and even some of the biggest guys can squeeze in there, but the thickness of the belt on Ripley prevent him from sitting very well. A lot of the Jazwares six inch figures work great with it too.

Paint is pretty solid with some really clean work on the body and the faux wood of the deck of the boat and some slight rust weathering tampos on the main body done in a somewhat cartoony style.

One disappointing, but not entirely surprising aspect for me was that it doesn’t float well. It will stay afloat for a minute, but takes on water since the bottom isn’t sealed. Maybe I’m the only big kid who wanted to play with this thing in the pool, but that was a little disappointing. The price, at 76.99, is also a tough pill to swallow. It’s a pretty big chunk of plastic and I’m used to paying high prices for vehicles in this scale, but when you compare it to something like the recent 40 dollar Lightyear spaceship from Mattel it seems a bit out of step cost wise.

Overall, I like this boat a lot, I just wish it were a little cheaper. I love piloting these things in the game, so this was a must have for me anyway, but I think it could work great with other six inch lines like Legends and G.I. Joe Classified.