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New MAFEX, Mega Man, & Matrix!

Fwoosh sponsor HobbyLink Japan counts down the week’s top collectibles!

No.1 MAFEX Thor

No.2 MAFEX Steel

No.3 Mega Man


No.4 Dark Mega Man

No.5 Megami Device Sitara Kaneshiya Tenki Ver.

No.6 MODEROID Giant Robo

No.7 RIOBOT Genesis Climber Mospeada 1/12 VR-038L Bartley Houquet

No.8 Nendoroid Neo (The Matrix)

No.9 Nendoroid Agent Smith (The Matrix)

No.10 Marvel Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) Bishoujo Statue

No.11 MS General RAIDER OF SHADOW RS-02 Ox Cow Plastic Model Kit

No.12 XIAOT x IRON ROARS Super Maneuver Armored Walker C.A.T-01 Shadow Plastic Model Kit

No.13 Mini Action Mazinger Z

No.14 Mini Action Aphrodai A Jet Scrander Set

No.15 MiniQ Shin Ultraman