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Top 5: Post ’80s G.I. Joe Characters in Classified

For G.I. Joe, I’m definitely an ’80s focused fan. I don’t think that’s unique, but my sweet spot is ’82 through ’87 and I kind of lost touch with the brand after that. While I know the Real American Hero line continued into the ’90s, I’m going to talk today about some even more modern characters from Joe shows and toy lines that have caught my eye over the years. Now, I’m perfectly fine if they keep working their way through the hits of the ’80s with the Classified line, but when I think about cool possible figures, I do think of some more modern stuff.

I always like to have a runner-up on these top fives and while I still have Zombie fatigue, I just think these two figures are so beautiful that I’d love to see them in six inch form. The squicky extendo-tendrils on the Zombie Viper are so awesomely gross and all the gear on the Hazard Viper is so cool when he’s all kitted up with his removeable gas mask and his hazardous materials and all that detail would look great on a larger figure.

#5. Kamakura

While I suppose Sean Collins was technically created in the ’80s since he did originate from a Larry Hama story line, I love the green on gray ninja look of the Kamakura figures. Sean is the son of Wade Collins, a former comrade of Snake Eyes who turned to Cobra and was a Fred Series Crimson Guard. Sean has appeared in recent comics as well as the new Snake Eyes, and while I’m usually all about the Hama version of G.I. Joe, I kind of prefer that got his own G.I. Joe character and was apprenticed to Snake Eyes in the Devils Due books. The Sigma Six version is okay, but I really prefer the green ninja with the mix of swords and military gear.

My custom Kamakura

I made a quick version by part-swapping Fwoosh Ninja Solitaire with the Fwoosh Green Ninja, so I’m covered for now, but I know the aesthetic of this line could really give me a Kamakura figure I’d love.

#4. Agent Helix

I think I read one comic with Agent Helix and it didn’t particularly grab me, but I remember seeing her on the pegs all the time back when she was initially released and thinking she was just a rad looking figure. That’s really all I need and I almost bought this figure a few times even though it’s not really in my preferred scale and I had no Joe collection at the time. I think she stood out against all the more drab movie characters with her bright yellow outfit and two-tone hairdo. Plus, the Joe Team could use more ladies and the yellow would stand out nicely on the shelf.

#3. Bomb Strike

Bombstrike was introduced in Valor VS Venom and the first version is good, but I really liked the look of her G.I. Joe fan club figure with her drone and computer. That look is similar to her appearance in the modern G.I. Joe comics where she had a story line that I really enjoyed involving the Red Shadows, Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones, robots, and rocket launchers. She kicks a lot of butt in that story and I’ve wanted a figure since reading that book. I could totally see that computer briefcase working in Classified and I adore how there’s a gun stored in there. A drone makes a lot of sense for this line too.

#2. Shadow Tracker

Lenny brought up Shadow Tracker on the Pulsecon live stream and I couldn’t agree more with him. I remember seeing that figure in the Hasbro booth at SDCC, it made such an impression on me then. There was a bit of a Predator homage running through the POC line at the end there with Spririt looking a bit like Billy, a Blaine-like Recondo and Shadow Tracker as the predator. He’s got this crazy translucent lime green mask that’s almost like a hockey mask with his eyes glowing through the eye slits and it is tough to see through but you can just barely make out the skull under the mask. It’s a great effect and I’d love to see the modern team’s take on him in Classified, kitted up with traps and nets and knives so he can hunt Joes. I see him as like an evil counterpart for Recondo and Outback. I just want to take photographs of this figure already.

#1. Lt. Stone

Sigma Six is somewhat controversial with the Joe fans I know but I have a lot of good memories of just checking out the figures on the pegs on unsuccessful Marvel Legends toy runs. The designs aren’t really to my taste for the most part, but I did like the B.A.T. and Lt. Stone. Stone’s got a beret, eye patch, and robo-arm, so right off you’ve caught my attention. Turns out he’s the Joe Team’s version of Zartan and is a master of disguise? Yes, please. I’d love to see the current Joe design team translate a Sigma Six look into a modern Classified figure and Stone feels like a good unique character to try that.

That’s my top 5 of non-’80s Joes, what’s yours? Got some ’90s classics that you need? Let me know in the comments!