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Oh boy! Today is the day! The latest Legions from the Four Horsemen are set to be revealed, and even in teasers, the COSMIC Legions are looking amazing!

Be ready tonight – and check out the details below!

Via the Four Horsemen:

Transmission Received: All communications from our field operatives have ceased. However, seconds before channels went dark, the following image was received. After unscrambling the coded message, we can now share this image with the public. All attempts to reconnect with our teams have proven pointless. Our previously gathered intelligence has led us to this point – today is the day we have heard about since the first intercepted transmission. It is 9/10/21, and at 9pm EST at the following coordinates all will be revealed. Recapture will begin immediately after this event, at 11pm EST at these coordinates –

All we can do now is wait.

The world will never be the same after tonight.

Cosmic Legions Breaks Free.

3 thoughts on “Four Horsemen Toy Design: COSMIC LEGIONS BREAKS FREE!

  1. Preordered my two…I was kinda bummed there were no human characters but hopefully in wave 2 or 3 (use that Otho headsculpt!)

  2. Those are some very cool looking Mass Effect figures. Serious though, some of these look like they should have been in motu, they have that blend of fantasy monster and technology.

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