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Super7: Still-at-Home-ic-Con Exclusive TMNT, ThunderCats Grune, and Garbage Pail Kids ReAction

Whew, last week was a whirlwind of new reveals and exclusive drops – I still haven’t sorted through all of the stuff that was unveiled. I am able to track some pretty rad stuff from Super7 that has arrived, so now I have a spot to keep all of my TMNT ReAction in style, and the most adorable Grune the Destroyer ever made.

Due to the ongoing shipping struggles brought on by the global pandemic, Super7 is one of the few companies that was able to have stock on-hand for their summer “convention” exclusives. Their “Still-at-home-ic-con” continues last year’s theme, and their ReAction impression most definitely took center stage. Many of their offerings are still available for purchase, so go check them out because there are a lot of fun things to choose from.

The Super7 gang was kind enough to send a few of the items our way for an early look, but don’t worry, you will not have to wait long to get your mitts on your own copies. I pounced on the ReAction Godzilla exclusive (now sold out), and it has already shipped. I will have a look at that later, but for now, here are some pictures of three fun exclusives.

ReAction Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb

It might come as a surprise because ReAction covers so many of my favorite properties, but I think of all the diverse licenses and hundreds of figures, the GPK figures are my favorite. Now, Adam Bomb is the one character we have gotten so far (the standard version in blue is pictured below), but since his design takes him so far outside of the typical ReAction form, he stands out in the best way.

This figure has an exclusive red out fit deco with grey atomic cloud, but I find this kind of variation to be great for a convention exclusive. It is cool to have, but not essential if you get the standard release. I am generally not an on-card collector, but the art recalls the old card packs so nicely, I think I will be keeping this one minty mint.

ThunderCats Grune

Oh, you know I love me some ThunderCats, but ReAction Grune is actually the first versions of the character I have owned in plastic. I never had the vintage figure as a kid, so this is a bit of a treat for me while I await my ULTIMATES! edition.

Now, the standard Grune is already in the line, and that represents his look after his turn to evil. This one features the heroic “ThunderCat” version, complete with BOTH fangs! I believe that is a first for the heroic version of Grune. Plus, this is about the most adorable version of the would-be Destroyer ever, so double bonus. He comes with his mace and is still available on the Super7 site.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collector Case

Now, this is the big one of this group, and I don’t mean that just because it is largest piece. I am really in love with this collector case, and I am not one who usually goes in for such things. It is such a well-executed vintage tribute with the vinyl outer case and cardboard construction, and it makes for a very stylish was to display your TMNT ReAction figures. I am currently working on reconfiguring my ReAction display to integrate this in a fun and meaningful way. It’s a good problem to have!

The case includes two yellow plastic inserts to store you figures, and there are three different sized chambers in each tray. Both trays are, of course, removable, and the backs feature an almost turtle shell-like pattern with pegs for the figure. It is like a giant base for your collection, and again, a nice throwback to vintage cases like this.

There is an exclusive Michelangelo figure included in a “metallic” deco that is actually pretty eye-catching. I can best describe it by referencing its similarity to the Star Wars Black Series Carbonized figures, and he has nunchucks and a pizza slice in gold to match. I hope we get the other three Turtles in this style at some point.

Additionally, there is a puffy sticker sheet included to help adorn and customize your carrying case. This is a really cool and fun idea, but of course I am over-complicating it by thinking too much about how I want to arrange them on the case. I was like this as a kid, too. So, I haven’t put them on yet, but I WILL, it just might take me a bit of time before I commit. Again, you can still grab this cool case to store your TMNT ReAction in style.

Fun figures are fun! I think all of these make a lot of sense as exclusives, and Super7 joins the cadre of companies still keeping some of the con experience alive while we wait for the world to get back to the point where we can all be together with 300K of our friends in one closed space. Don’t sleep on these!

*Thanks to the crew at Super7 for sending these along for an early look!