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Mattel: Masters of the Universe Revelation Masterverse 12 Days of Fandom Scareglow

Okay, everyone – this is not a drill! The new Masters of the Universe: Revelation show starts TOMORROW on Netflix, and it is no coincidence that Mattel Creations has an exclusive Scareglow figure releasing today.

I am beyond stoked about the new cartoon, and when there is new media, there is new toys! The MOTU:R Masterverse figures are starting to hit Target and Wal-Mart shelves now, but the Mattel Creations site is the only spot you will be able to get this deluxe “convention” exclusive version of Scareglow.

Robo and I got a chance to chat about this figure earlier in the week, so ICYMI, here is the link to the FwooshCast featuring the creepiest and spookiest of all of Eternia.

The sale starts at 9am PDT, so I HIGHLY suggest you be there right at go time to get your clammy mitts on this guy, he is the best Masterverse figure yet.