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HLJ: Cyborg Superman, figma Link, MP Nightbird & More!

Fwoosh sponsor HobbyLink Japan counts down the top collectibles of the week!

No.1 MAFEX Cyborg Superman (Return of Superman)

No.2 figma Link (Skyward Sword)

No.3 Masterpiece Nightbird Shadow


No.4 PLAMAX MF-51: minimum factory Fighter Nose Collection VF-25F (Macross F)

No.5 Evangelion Crawfish 01

No.6 Evangelion Crawfish 02

No.7 RIOBOT Mazinkaiser

No.8 MAFEX Wonder Woman Golden Armor Ver.

No.9 Diaclone DA-80 Big Powered GV (Verse Caliber)

No.10 Pose+ Metal Galaxy Cyclone Braiger

No.11 ARTFX Ahsoka Tano

No.12 52TOYS BeastBOX BB-34 Soul Tornado & Shadow Dance

No.13 Super Robot Wars OG Collection 01

No.14 Variable Action Tachikoma

No.15 Jeanne Stella Innocent Ver