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Jazwares: Fortnite Legendary Series Oro Review

It felt like a different time. No warning. No months of waiting. Just ORO AND RAPTOR GLOW IN STOCK AND READY TO GO. Literally, they were in stock at Gamestop, I added them to my cart, I checked out and I had them by the end of the week.

That doesn’t happen much anymore. It definitely gave me that nostalgic feeling of toys just suddenly existing in the toy aisle with no advanced warning. But With Jazwares and Fortnite you never know what to expect. It definitely keeps things interesting.

Oro is a golden skeleton, which is vastly different from anything else in the line, but Fortnite is just a damn schizophrenic toyline and that’s why it’s always a strange adrenal rush to see something new from them, because the range of aesthetics doesn’t stagnate. Burgers, dogs, cats, bananas, wieners, robots skeletons…it’s all over the place.

Oro is, I believe, a completely new sculpt from head to toe. For a line that started out reusing a lot of the same general parts, it has quickly branched out into a wide variety of bodies. Of course, Hasbro will soon be taking over so hopefully that trend continues, but Jazwares hasn’t given up yet, with several figures in the pipeline.

The overall articulation scheme for Oro is the same as the rest of the figures, mirroring the general double-jointed hinged mobility of everything we’ve come to expect in our standard modern action figures. Being a skeleton, he has slender proportions compared to others in the line, but he overall moves very well. As with all of the Fortnite figures the shoulders and hips are quite tightly ratcheted, so it takes a bit of effort to get the joints moving and cooperative, but they’re fine once they’re warmed up. This is some tough plastic.

I like the overall feel of the figure. I think there is a regular skeleton in the Fortnite game, but the golden one is a nice change. It’s also a nice gold. It has a good hue without being over the top.

There’s a pirate quality to him. Golden pirate king or something. I don’t know if there’s specific lore to the character or not in the game but it feels like something that should be in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Oro comes with two face plates, one with a few dings and one without. The cartoony nature of the skull fits in better with the overall Fortnite flavor. It looks like the kind of thing that would be found on the counter at a gift shop that you buy as a souvenir.

He comes with several accessories, none of which he can hold well because of the hands that I mention in every single review. He has a rocket launcher, machine gun, rifle, handgun and his melee weapon, which is a pokey looking sharp bladed thing. I usually like the melee weapons the most out of any accessories because they hold them better, and this is no exception. He comes with a cape piece that attaches to his back. It gives him even more of a regal feel.

He has a symbol on his chest that kind of looks like an octopus or something. Unless it’s some Lovecraftian demon thing. I don’t know, but it is evocative. Of what I’m not sure, but it does have a mood to it.

Jazwares is on a continuous streak with these bizarre and random Fortnite designs. Oro is another fun entry. I still have not and likely never will play Fortnite, but I’d be happy to get every single skin from the game in figure form.