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Mattel: Masters of the Universe Origins Tri-Klops Review

Tri-Klops might be just behind Trap jaw as my favorite of the Evil warriors, and it was entirely based around how he was presented in the mini-comic that came with the original vintage figure.

Tri-Klops was presented as this autonomous badass that wasn’t intimidated by Skeletor and could almost match up to He-Man himself. With three eyes that gave him a host of general eye-based powers like looking hard, superlooking, looking with purpose and looking around, Tri-Klops was the last person you wanted to play hide-and-seek with.

The rule of three was strong in Masters of the Universe. Tri-Klops had three eyes. Trap jaw had three weapon-hands, as did Roboto. Man-E-Faces had three identities. He-man had three accessories. There was probably more. It ended up giving the line a strange synergy, an…odd…quality. And it was excellent.

If you’ve been collecting the Origins figures, then you know what to expect, because much like the vintage line, everything is based around the same general body type. The Origins Tri-Klops features the same additional points of articulation that ramps up the retro styling with a bit more poseability and playability, the kind that we all no doubt wanted as a kid but couldn’t have. The squat proportions remain consistent, but the ability to move some elbows and knees evens things out a bit.

Like I’ve said before in these reviews, the Masters of the Universe Classics line will remain my favorite upgrading of the vintage figures, but these are fun for what they’re trying to accomplish.

Tri-Klops features a ball jointed head with regular jointed shoulders, elbows hips and knees, boot cuts and rocker jointed ankles. There’s no torso articulation, but everything else gives you a bit more wiggle for your money. It’s not close to what I would think of as super-articulated, more like retro-enhanced. It still gives you that additional latitude of attitude to your poses.

The Veyesor is well done, with all three varying eyes having their own distinctive look. It does look like some of the black paint doesn’t follow the actual sculpt. Otherwise, it spins freely from eye to eye but isn’t so loosey goosey that it flops around.

Tri-Klops comes with his only accessory, his sword. He grips it well, and without digging out my vintage figure it looks like it’s sized about appropriately.

I think if I could want anything for this line, it would be to have a pair of swappable fists for everybody. The standard thumbs-up gripping right hand and splayed left hand is obviously accurate to the vintage figures, but I’d love to have the option to have fists for everyone. As it is now, He-man can thumbs-up punch bad guys or…just give them such a slap they’ll be smelling it for days, but I’d love a genuine set of fists for all of them. It’s actually something I would have liked for Masters of the Universe Classics line as well. Whenever Thunder Punch He-man comes out he’ll no doubt have a fist, but I’m that guy who wants first for all of his toys because I’m that guy that likes his toys to be able to punch the other toys.

Other than that small want, Tri-Klops is another good addition to the line, one I was looking forward to.