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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Bo-Katan Review

Most of the time, I can pre-order a wave of figures and patiently wait for their arrival, but waiting for this wave has been bugging me. Between in-store finds and pre-orders shipping super early it has been hard to wait for my pre-order to ship seeing how amazing this wave looks in photos. Now that I have Bo-Katan in hand, I think she looks even better in person! Let’s take a look.

The packaging looks great with the orange Mando sub-line accent color and I especially like the way the quartet of flying Mandos frame Bo-Katan’s head in her portrait on the side and back of the box.

Bo-Katan comes with a removeable helmet, jet pack, and two blasters. The helmet has some very nice battle damage detail and a cool scuffed paint job on the white sections of the helmet. I feel like the shape is pretty close to the source material if not slightly large proportionally.

The range finder does hinge down for range finding and rocket aiming action and feels well-integrated with the rest of the helmet sculpting.

The pack attaches via a single peg to the back and unlike the usual Mando figures, there are no stabilizing pegs, so it does often twist askew while posing. The jet pack has nice detail, but there are no holes for blast effects for the rockets, and I do miss that feature. The back plate is the same color as her uniform, which may be correct since I couldn’t find any reference, but it does look a little unfinished when off.

The blasters are a plain, silvery plastic with a little brown detail paint on the handles. I like the sculpting, but that silvery plastic doesn’t quite convey the metallic look the weapons should have and are almost translucent at points.

Bo Katan is based on the character’s appearance in The Mandalorian and the unmasked head is a great likeness for Bo-Katan actress Katee Sackhoff. The uniform has a lot of great detail with all the seams and different cloth textures to say nothing of the beautifully battle damaged armor.

I think she scales nicely with the other figures from The Mandalorian and posing her with the armorer really makes me want to see these two characters interact.

The articulation is what we’ve come to expect from Star Wars Black Series figures with elbows and knees getting slightly more than a 90 degree bend and the barbell ball and socket joint getting some expressive tilt in the neck. I was glad to see she can look up better than a lot of figures for flight poses.

Bo-Katan has:

  • Ball and socket head, neck, and mid-torso
  • Hinged butterfly joints in the pecs
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Thigh swivels
  • Range finder hinge

The paint is pretty good. I especially like the metallic paint and all the scuff marks on her armor and the face printing for the face. I really feel like the face printing works better with the naked eye than it looks in my photos. The colors do seem a little light on her hair and belt and the belt especially could use a wash or just a darker brown.

Overall I think this is a really successful representation of the live action version of Bo-Katan from The Mandalorian and just a super fun figure to mess around with. Mandos with their jet packs and weapons make for hand candy. I think she works decently in the Clone Wars section of the display with the recent Wal-Mart exclusive Ahsoka and clones, but I’d love a Sabine and Ursa Wren from Rebels season 3 to go with her and can’t wait for Koska Reeves. Hopefully Axe Woves, part of her crew in season 2 of The Mandalorian is in the works too.