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Spero Studios: Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter


Wave ONE will be our debut in the very popular 1:12th (6-inch) scale.  Each figure is designed by Jason Bienvenu and Utama Prastha and sculpted by toy industry veterans Arlen Pelletier and Fabiano Carlos with the attention to detail and playable articulation fans expect and deserve.  PR director Eddie Salvatore III with James Gouldsmith and William Cruz Nieves will be answering questions, sharing knowledge about the products, and keeping backers up to date across social media.   With your support on this project, production will begin to bring these beautiful figures to life and into your hands!

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom™ is an immersive action figure fantasy line created by Spero Studios featuring the many adventures of Pale, the white-fur ape, and his allies as they fight to end the reign of the Tyrant Kahlee and restore peace and prosperity to his home.  The story features Animal Warriors of all shapes and sizes throughout the Kingdom and fans can look forward to seeing many more Animal Warriors featured in future waves! 

WAVE ONE:  This initial wave offers several core characters as well as army builders!

  • All of the standard figures in this wave stand at 6.5 inches tall with plans for taller, beefier “Savage” figures.
  • Primal Series figures feature 26 points of articulation.
  • Each Primal Series Figure includes several accessories with Add-On sets available for even more accessories!
  • Heads, hands, and certain armor pieces can be easily swapped out to personalize your figures.
  • Main characters will feature “deluxe” paint deco while army builder figures will feature subdued paint schemes. 

Go and pledge on Kickstarter!

7 thoughts on “Spero Studios: Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter

  1. Indeed. Exactly what I was thinking.
    Lions, and Tigers, and Goblins… Oh-My!

  2. I have a lot of the 4” figures and really like them a lot.
    I’m looking forward to these.

  3. Seriously, whats the bland boring faces? these are WARRIOR ANIMALS! They all look…….smug? The art for the monkey showes some bared teeth ready to fight! the toy looks like……….well not like that.

  4. I only hope that the “ape” hands will be able to hold their weapons correctly / firmly since they appear to be more rectangular while all of the weapons have more rounded / cylindrical handles…

  5. Interesting. With Primal in the name, I would have liked some of them baring teeth, even as an alternate head.

  6. I jumped in for a set. They look like they will mix with my Mythic Legions fairly well.

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