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MEZCO: TOYZ FAIR 2021 Reaction – AKA “DisThunder Now Has a Heart Condition”

I never had the chance to visit New York Toy Fair when it was a thing. Honestly, it’s sort of difficult to imagine we’ll ever be back to a time or place that big press events and conventions in anything near their previous capacities. But I have done many a SDCC, and I can tell you, the “Convention @home” thing does have it’s definite upsides: easier on the wallet, easier on your feet, occasionally your nose, and you can actually digest all the releases and info much easier than you can in person- it can very much be a sensory overload type of experience.

So Mezco stepped into 2021 and said “Hold my beer.” Let’s take a few here and try to process MezcoToyz Fair 2021: to me, the single greatest reveal compilation this company has ever done.

Now, they of course showed things other than One:12 Collective, but this is Fwoosh, and this is me. So that’s what I’m going to attempt to unpack for you.

To start things off, the Preview event showed the all-black Rumble Society Krig figure- an alien bounty hunter with a sci-fi arsenal and a thirst to bag some of the other Rumble Societt figures. The red version popped up overseas, but this will likely not be the last we see of the Krig, or their color palette. Before all the following releases blew my mind and broke the internet, I should mention that I would also gladly take a figure of that big bruiser he brought down in the excellent stop-motion intro video.

Day One brought us the first real “do-overs” Mezco has ever done in One:12, and none has been more anticipated than Superman. Whereas the original One:12 Supes was a bit of reinterpretation on the original threads, this one is completely faithful to his timeless Bronze Age look. Built on a bigger body, devoid of any vinyl details or extras, this is an unapologetic, straight up, man of steel. I appreciate that rather than just a variation or a reworking of the first figure, we get an all new take, complete with new fantastic headsculpts.

And because of that, I actually think with both in hand, people might be able to appreciate the first figure more on it’s own merits, free of having to be the “definitive” One:12 Superman.

In a similar vein, tiger stripe Wolverine gets a revisit. This is great just as-is for folks who got I late and missed this convention exclusive, but like Superman, this version pivots toward a more deliberate comic look, with bigger mask ears, streamlined boots, and a simpler costume.

Actually to me, he feels very Capcom, and by extension Animated Series inspired, so that makes him a worthy purchase owning the first figure. I also like the more simplified shoulder pad design- the first attempt was clever, but maybe a little too much for it’s own good.

And we are even getting another crack at Micheal Myers, this time from Halloween II. Given the notorious nature of this license, this is a major boon for anybody who missed the first release, or want to add the sequel look to your set. And this might be subjective, but I think the mask looks even better than the first figure.

Then there was the first in what would become a series of jaw-droppers: Eric Draven, The Crow. It’s obviously a bit early in the process, but I can’t wait to see some closer images of the headsculpts.

But for what we can see now, this could easily be the definitive Crow figure for this scale. I truly didn’t see this coming, even though it makes perfect sense.

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes is a bit of a mystery to me… not the figures themselves, I recognize Caesar very well, and I know what those orange jumpsuits and M16A1s mean, but what this box will be is a little up in the air.

Possibly a 4-pack? Or a Caesar and separate army builder? Tough to say. But it should come as a comfort if you picked up Dr Zaius.

There is, however, one reveal that I am pretty confident is a 4-pack. But for this one, I can’t just gloss over it and go on to the next. Take it, VeeBee:

So, I have been pretty clear that I am pretty choosy with my One:12 Collective purchases. I gravitate more towards Popeye, Conan, the Pink Skulls, and other non-superhero properties. However… OMG YOU GUYS THEY ARE MAKING THE FANTASTIC FOUR – AAAAAAAAAAAGH!

I mean, look at them! Ben Grimm is my favorite Marvel character and he is going to be worth the price of admission alone. I am really digging this set so far, so I will be interested in a few things that have yet to be revealed. Namely, the price (not that it will keep me away), but also, what material they will be using for The Thing (I kinda don’t want polystone, TBH), and will Johnny have the ability to fully “Flame On!”? Important information to be sure, but I am getting these guys no matter what. BEAUTIFUL!

Equally as enigmatic were the three Rumble Society teasers. The first depicts a possibly pre-Baron Bends in his human form, while the second shows Hawk P-40, a character teased in the Doc Nocturnal comic.

The last one might be a deep cut- Mezco used to have a vinyl line called Hoodz, and at least one of those guys, Fat Cap, had a blue-skinned chase figure. If I had to guess, though, I’d say this might be a reimagining of Vapor, but I’m just guessing. I remember seeing these around a bit in the early 2000s, and it was the first thing I thought of.

But if you know me, you know Hawk P-40 is the one I really can’t wait to see more of.

It wouldn’t be a Mezco show without a Batman, even though to be honest, I was not expecting one this time around. But hot damn if it isn’t Gaslight Batman, a figure I predicted way back in 2015, as a matter of fact. Not only am I excited for this figure on his own, but I am really pumped about the idea of seeing more multiverse/elseworlds DC figures down the road.

But even if he ends up on his own, he is going to make for one helluva figure, that much is for sure. Looking forward to seeing what kind of steampunk loadout he gets.

But we also get to revisit the Spiderverse with a goregeous new Spider Gwen! Or Ghost Spider, as I’m supposed to call her. I have long praised this costume as being one of the best designs in modern comics, and it was truly made for soft goods.

And the real exciting part is it looks like that single-kneed female base body is headed to retirement. Might still be single jointed, perhaps, but that range of motion looks like a massive improvement.

The last 3 range from being somewhat expected to total surprises. When we saw the 5 POA Ultraman last Fall, we were crossing fingers he would make the jump to One:12, and indeed he has. Tough to say exactly what this release will entail, seeing as this is a very early look, but Ultraman is such a damn icon I’m in for whatever. I suspect there will be some LEDs in there, though.

Much more surprising was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tommy- I had no idea this was even possible. Obviously, a Green Ranger means we will have a good shot at rounding out the original 6, but before that even starts to happen, look how amazing this figure turned out! I’m hoping for an unhelmeted head too, and then I can retire my Lightning Series and my custom figures.

But Power Rangers came with a nagging question: if Mezco and Hasbro are cool and on licensing terms, what else could that mean…

Well, I didn’t have to wonder long. Destro. D E S T R O finished out MezFair. I’m not even going to talk about what that means for me, or customs, or Classified, or anything else. You see that sh*t eating grin he has? He knows. He knows what he’s done. Nothing is safe from One:12. Nothing. Our only hope is that members of an elite counter terrorist unit are following close behind.

And that, my friends, is how MezcoToyz Fair 2021 ended. We are all going to need bigger stimulus checks. Wow.