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Hasbro: Transformers Studio Series 86 Kup Review

Hasbro has been crushing it with the Transformers trilogy lines over the past couple of years, but it seems the recent Studio Series line is bringing it up to even another high level. Hot Rod and Jazz are really top notch figures, and my latest acquisition from the line Kup, is no different.

Just like the other figures in the series so far, he’s a perfect representation of 1986 Kup. His shape and form are spot on, and his headsculpt is so vintage 86 movie Kup. You can just see the grumpiness and aggravation.

The packaging is what we’ve come to expect from the studio series 86 line. The Studio Series 86 logo on the side with the other side showing a nice artist rendering of Kup. The Transformers the Movie logo on the top and nice clear opening on the front to show off the figure inside.

Also included is the pull out back drop that is unique to each character . Kup’s has the huge robot squid who pulled his limbs off from the movie during the Quintessa scene. It’s a cool little bonus if you wanted to use it for a display.

As for accessories, Kup comes with his blaster and his energon snack dispenser. The dispenser is again from the Quintessa scene where they try to calm down the Allicons with energon goodies. Both accessories look faithful to the source material and work well enough and fit securely enough, that I have no complaints.

Kup’s alt-mode is also just as perfect a representation of the source material as his bot-mode. The transformation process isn’t my favorite, but it’s relatively simple and it all fits and snaps in place pretty well.

While Hot Rod had hands that changed out into tools, and a visor that drops down over his head as hidden features, Kup also has a unique feature that was featured from the film.

He basically can be pulled apart at the limbs. Just a simple slide on and off at the pegs. This is super cool because while it’s a neat feature by itself, it doesn’t hinder his movement at all. It actually enables to him to have more articulation that some other transformers lack as the pegs also act as bicep and thigh swivels.

His articulation is solid. Ball jointed head with ball and swivel shoulders and hips. His knees and elbows allow for enough movement to get into action or running poses. His hands are on a swivel and securely hold both accessories. He also has feet that swivel up and down as well as simulate a rocker ankle to allow for more posing.

Kup scales perfectly with the rest of the trilogy lines, and he looks especially great with the other studio series 86 figures. Finally getting well crafted, faithful representations of these two really makes me happy.

I’m super happy with this figure, and he’s another great addition to the Transformer shelf. If you’re a fan of the line this is a must add because this is easily the best Kup figure ever. I’m not saying he’s as great as Hot Rod, but I’m not sure anything is going to be. Overall this is just a super accurate, super fun figure that fits in great with the rest of his movie counterparts.