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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Incinerator Trooper Review

One of the interesting aspects of the post-Lucas Star Wars era to me is that they always seem to throw a new trooper variation into each new movie/game/TV show they produce. The Mandalorian is no different and gifted us with a flame-thrower trooper with the amusingly over the top moniker of INCINERATOR Trooper. Let’s take a look!

The box fits with the new normal with a color-coded illustration on the side and back. The rust-color they chose for The Mandalorian looks nice with the trooper’s flame theme. The box feels a little smaller and consequently the window is nicely full with the figure.

The Incinerator Trooper comes with a backpack, flamethrower, and flame effect piece. The soft plastic straps and pauldron are one piece and attach to the pack at little buttons over the shoulder, but it seems like the waist strap is glued to the pack on the inside back and isn’t meant to be removed. The soft plastic wire is glued to the flamethrower and the pack, so it’s essentially all one piece.

The weird thing about it is the tubes on the backpack are upside down from how they are oriented on the show. It’s not something I would have noticed normally if not for having seen the Hot Toys figure that has the tubes oriented the correct way.

The gun has sharp detail and the flame effect attaches securely to the nozzle. The flame effect is translucent and transitions from a yellow to red and looks great with a little light shining through.

The sculpting is good as the trooper is based on the newer Stormtrooper body and I like the proportions and the removal of double hinged knees and elbows wasn’t as detrimental to posing as I feared it might be. The trooper has:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, wrists and ankles
  • Ball and socket head and neck
  • Butterfly hinged pecs
  • Swivel thighs and shoulder armor

The articulation moves well and I especially like how the barbell ball joint in the head allows for nice tilting and the way that the shoulder armor can swivel along with the shoulder and allows for good arm movement.

The paint is pretty good. The gloss white base works well for Stormtroopers and I like the chipped effect on the red stripes. It could still use a little bit of a wash.

Overall, I really like this figure a lot. As an army builder, I enjoy filling out the ranks with some specialists here and there and this guy really pops in a group of Stormies with his red markings and bright flame effect. I am a little disappointed that the pack is not accurate to the show and it doesn’t look like it would an easy fix to correct, but on the other hand it’s also not a detail that I had noticed in the show.